“In our 12 week study, we looked at...lean body mass. And we found that those who were on a ketogenic diet were able to gain just as much muscle and lose significantly more fat” Click To Tweet

Today’s guest, Ryan Lowery, is the founder of the Applied Science and Performance Institute, where he and his team work with some of the most elite professionals in the world.

The ASPI’s research surrounds everything from anti-aging, people with parkinsons, alzheimers, and traumatic brain injury, and studying the applications in these areas of the ketogenic diet.

Mostly, the research looks at performance and longevity.

“Performance is more than just seeing our favorite players play on Sunday.

It’s the grandmother who wants to stay around longer to see her grandchildren grow up, and the father who wants to be able to run around outside and play with his kids.

How do we take what we know from elite athletes and transfer it throughout the entire world?”

In this episode, we’ll go over:

  • Some fascinating emerging applications of the ketogenic diet and lifestyle
  • Research outcomes that you won’t want to miss
  • How eating a low carb diet can impact longevity and overall health
  • Healing traumatic brain injury with ketones.


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