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Two years ago, today’s guest put out his first Youtube video about the ketogenic diet with the hope of helping a few people lose weight and get fitter through keto.

In this short time, his channel has grown to over 100k subscribers and he has turned into one of the biggest keto influencers, helping hundreds of people reach their weight loss and fitness goals through his videos and his unique challenge, Keto Quest.

I’m talking about Jason Wittrock, athlete, coach, and keto king.

When Jason first stumbled upon the ketogenic diet, he wasn’t completely sold on it. As someone who had been in the fitness industry for years, the concept of dropping carbs and embracing fats went against everything he had learned about building muscle.

He was already a successful personal trainer and fitness icon. He didn’t need to lose weight or manage any lifestyle diseases, so why risk harming his physique with the seemingly excessive amount of fat the keto diet demands? And what about protein?

Despite these concerns, he went for it. And he hasn’t looked back.

I'll never forget the day I put butter in my coffee the first time. I said this is either gonna kill me or this is gonna be the best thing ever. And it was the best thing ever. Click To Tweet

Today I’m happy to sit down with Jason to talk about his journey into the ketogenic diet, how to do cheat meals with keto, and how you can fine-tune your keto diet to make it a manageable lifestyle (because pizza and cake are going to happen).

In this episode, we go over:

  • The right way to eat cheat meals on keto
  • Carb cycling
  • The cyclical keto diet
  • How to get back in ketosis after you’ve eaten carbs
  • Common mistakes beginner keto-ers make (and how to avoid them)
  • The best way to track your macros (so you don’t become a slave to tracking)
  • How to turn the ketogenic diet into a lifestyle
  • The dairy debate – does it stop weight loss or not?
  • The best types of nuts to eat on the keto diet
  • Why the keto diet can work for you (even if you’ve tried every other diet and failed)
  • How to start losing weight effectively with diet + exercise
  • Jason’s daily keto diet, workout routine, and fitness philosophy

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Responses (5)

  1. It was everything I needed to hear and nothing that I didn’t. I shared with friends as encouragement and really enjoyed this podcast!I am 2 weeks in with keto and have your perfect keto chocolate sea salt product. Thank you for helping us to literally save our own lives by spreading valuable information about keto!

  2. 8 weeks in, 23 lbs down, never felt better in my adult life. Still learning how to add fat to my macros, and every day is getting better 🙂 Keto For Life

  3. Great podcast! I have literally never listened to one before. I chose to listen to this one because I started the keto lifestyle 11 days ago and I just wanted to get some tips and motivation to not give up. Not that I am tempted to give up as I was in a keto state aftee only 3 days and have stayed there ever sense. It wasn’t a hard thing for me to jump into because I have done the far more strict Atkins diet off and on for years. Always have success but I also always gain it all back when i increase carbs after a year or so of very low carbs. The high fat was a little jarring but I said what the heck, I have nothing to lose and I’m glad I did. It was really after seeing Jamie Jamisons transformation that I decided to really give it a try. The podcast was great because I do miss my cheat day, it was every Saturday but I am going to take Jason’s suggestion to go stay in keto as long as possible and when that day comes where I just gotra have a carb load, I will have a cheat meal, not an entire cheat day. I will also take the Doctors suggestion to fast the next day. I have done that before but I stopped and it really does kick you back into ketosis quicker. It was also eye opening to learn why having a cheat day every week is destructive to the gut. So I am definitely not going back to the every Saturday reward meal. Thank yiu both for a great podcast. It was informative without being boring and full of sales pitches. I believe I have finally found my weight loss holy grail and I love it because I LOVE butter! Lol! Thanks gentlemen! Take care, live well.

  4. Cheat meals make perfect sense and prevent me from going insane and being antisocial, so it’s a no-brainer. I’m not an extremist. Thanks, guys!

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