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Do exogenous ketones or MCT oil stop fat burning?

Is keto a possibility for wine lovers and drinkers?

Is it bad for you to keep going in and out of ketosis? Or does this mess up your metabolism?

If these questions sound familiar, it’s because they’re some of the most common ones we’ve seen from our own Perfect Keto Facebook and Instagram community.

To help put some of these common myths to rest and set the record straight, Alex Cunningham, our Head of Partnerships, joins me for another round of Q&A.

Together, we tackle 10 more of your top questions, including whether or not you can have alcohol on keto, what happens when you go in and out of ketosis, whether or not MCT oils and exogenous ketones halt fat loss, and how I ended up with food poisoning four times last year.

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We’re also diving into some common myths about protein on keto and the importance of where you’re getting your micronutrients from.

And that’s not all.

In this episode, Alex and I also cover the following questions and topics:

  • How to get more organ meats into your diet
  • Why organ meats are an efficient way to capture essential micronutrients
  • One powerful food combination that can give you all of your micronutrient needs
  • My approach to micronutrients and getting the right amounts
  • My go-to recipe for making organ meat taste delicious
  • Whether or not you need grass-fed organ meats
  • Do you need to worry about toxins when consuming organ meats like liver?
  • My second hack for sneaking organ meats in without even noticing they are there
  • The difference between getting your micronutrients from organ meats, greens powders, or multivitamins
  • Is keto a possibility for wine lovers and drinkers?
  • What happens to your ketone levels when you drink
  • My favorite wine to drink on keto
  • Why you can’t order most drinks on a cocktail menu
  • What happens when you drink clear liquors instead
  • Why your body shuts down ketone production when you drink alcohol
  • The not-as-bad-for-you drink list for low carb dieters
  • The one alcoholic beverage I’d choose if I could only have one and why
  • Why you shouldn’t feel pressured to drink cocktails and other drinks that sabotage your hard work
  • My view on having a glass of wine per day for heart health
  • Can you take too much collagen? If so, what would you notice?
  • Why I wouldn’t recommend collagen as your only protein
  • What about whey protein?
  • What caused me to get food poisoning four times in the last year
  • The neurological and physical side effects I felt during my first occurrence of food poisoning
  • How long it can really take your gut to restore itself
  • How do you know if your gut is improving?
  • Antibiotics and gut health
  • What else you can do to restore your gut health
  • Is it bad for you to keep going in and out of ketosis? Does this mess up your metabolism?
  • Whether or not I maintain ketosis or go back and forth
  • What are the consequences of eating a moderate to high carbohydrate diet in conjunction with high fat?
  • How carbs affect me and what I do as a result
  • Can I still do keto and bulk up in the gym?
  • Do you need carbs to build muscle?
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of or worried about protein
  • Do exogenous ketones or MCT oil stop fat burning?
  • Is it true that you only burn fat when you’re fasting?
  • Why exogenous ketones are not a magic pill
  • How exogenous ketones can contribute to weight loss
  • Can you lose fat if you’re not fat adapted?
  • The biggest problem with MCT oil consumption
  • Why calories in versus calories out is not a definitive to losing weight, but does matter to a certain degree
  • What to do once you’re fat adapted

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