Generally we are confused about our hormones, what’s happening in our body, and how to fix it. Click To Tweet Many women, especially those in perimenopausal and menopausal stages, find that a low-carb ketogenic diet leads to irritability and being “keto crazy,” as Dr. Anna Cabeca so aptly puts it.

But does that mean keto is the wrong tool here or that a low-carb diet has a negative effect on women’s hormones?

Not exactly.

As you’ll learn in this podcast episode with Dr. Anna Cabeca, a triple board certified physician who’s an expert at women’s hormones, it’s not that a keto diet is the wrong approach, it’s that a different style of keto is necessary for women in this category in particular.

Her solution: try a keto-alkaline way of eating instead.

This style of keto balances both alkaline and acidic foods to restore hormonal balance.

Dr. Cabeca discusses why this approach is so effective, what it involves — including sharing her simple principles from her book The Hormone Fix, and how it can lead to weight loss, improved brain clarity, function, and health, hormonal balance and other positive benefits.

When we’re waking up alkaline, it typically means we’re sleeping better and our body is resting and restoring itself in an ideal way.” Click To Tweet

Dr. Cabeca — who has close to 60k followers on her social media channels combined — has used this approach personally to reverse perimenopause so she was able to have a child at 41 and continues to use the same principles in thousands of women in her practice.

And in this podcast episode, she’s sharing everything she knows — including the exact principles from her programs and upcoming book — to show you how to restore your hormonal balance, lose weight, and feel better mentally on a ketogenic diet.

Here’s a peek into what we’re diving into:

  • Dr. Cabeca’s background, especially as it relates to women’s health, and her journey using ketosis personally and with patients
  • How keto affects hormones in women
  • Why many women experience irritability on keto and what to do about it
  • One component Dr. Cabeca specifically adds to her keto recommendations for women
  • The carbs per day target that Dr. Cabeca keeps her patients at
  • Dr. Cabeca’s stance on snacking
  • Dr. Cabeca also shares her the science and principles behind her 8-week program Magic Menopause and the positive results her patients are seeing
  • Why she believes it’s important to regularly test your urinary PH
  • Why you can’t just eliminate acidic foods and how to balance alkalizing foods with acidic ones
  • Dr. Cabeca’s Keto Green approach and the importance of this
  • The positive side effects that come with being more alkaline
  • How men and women differ on keto and what you can do about it
  • The fasting window Dr. Cabeca recommends to her patients
  • What happens, based on research, when you eat past 7 pm
  • Is carb cycling necessary for women?
  • Signs your hormones may be out of whack
  • Why the most important hormones in women’s health may not be the ones you think
  • Four key bloodmarkers you should test for but your doctor may not be ordering and how these are connected to measuring inflammation and chronic disease and cancer risks
  • Other lifestyle factors that could be affecting your hormones without you even realizing it

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