The 12-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge

A FREE 12-Day Ketogenic Action Challenge taught by the founder of Perfect Keto – Dr. Anthony Gustin

Have you been struggling to get healthy?

If so, you are not alone.

This 12-Day Challenge is for those with the desire to eat great, nourish their bodies, and feel awesome, but haven’t quite been able to do it – yet. The purpose of the 12-Day Challenge is to bridge the gap between:

Point A) Having the desire to eat healthy, and

Point B) Actually doing it

Frequently, the problem is simply where to start. The 12-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge will take you step-by-step exactly how to start. This means,

  1. Identifying your goals and motivation
  2. Arming you with the knowledge you need to succeed
  3. Preparing for to go for it
  4. Executing and sticking to your plan, and
  5. Testing and re-evaluating

“Getting fit” has a different meaning to everyone. Keto is not a magic diet, but the good news is that it can be a great tool for improving body composition, mental focus, and efficient exercise.


Day 0: Get your FREE Keto Domination Journal to prep you for success!

Day 1: Goal Setting

Day 2: Choose Your Style of Keto

Day 3: Getting Into Ketosis (Macronutrients)

Day 4: Budgeting and Meal Planning

Day 5: Shopping Time!

Day 6: Keto Cooking

Day 7: Testing Your Ketone Levels

D ay 8: Tracking Your Changes

Day 9: Beat The Keto Flu

Day 10: Keto Supplements 101

Day 11: Cheat Meals and Recovery

Day 12: How to Spot Mistakes


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Dr. Anthony Gustin DC, MS, CSCS
Founder, Perfect Keto, EquipFoods, HealthFitBusiness


Hi folks! My name is Dr. Anthony Gustin. I’m a functional medicine clinician based in San Francisco and in recent years I’ve turned my attention to creating companies like Equip Foods, and Perfect Keto.

The purpose of each is to help make nutrition accessible to everyone and teach as many people as possible how to improve their health.

I love writing articles that teach people how to improve their diet, fitness, sleep, and overall health at

Over the past several years, I’ve helped thousands of people follow the ketogenic diet and live healthier lives in the process. In the 12-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge, I’m going to help you too.

If you use the lessons in this course and take action, you will get fit – whatever “fitness” may mean to you.

Sign up today to get my Keto Domination Journal and join me and the thousands of people learning to own their health through nutrition.

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