Perfect Keto Culture

Perfect Keto’s mission is to make the world a better place by helping people own optimal health, using the ketogenic diet as an entry point.

We’re looking to build an ever-growing dedicated team of intelligent, ambitious, independent, and fun individuals passionate about making the world a better place through nutrition, education, and better access to healthy food.

Below, we have outlined the culture that helps us reach that mission.

To give our team members everything they need to succeed on this mission, we foster an environment in which everyone can:

  1. Thrive with freedom and few rules
  2. Provide maximal value to others
  3. Move fast, learn, and experiment without fear
  4. Communicate honestly, candidly, and effectively
  5. Give and receive feedback openly and immediately
  6. Constantly improve and help others be better
  7. Have fun

We firmly believe you need to focus on yourself before you can focus on others, and that’s why we invest in our team before anything else.

Our values, policies, and benefits are all designed to build a team of passionate, highly-motivated and happy people.

Does this sound like an environment you’d thrive in?

Then check out our job openings.

Core Values

Values only matter if we live them as a team and are fully aligned with each other and with our goals.

A lot of companies have fancy sounding values or overly generic idealistic values. These get ignored.

At Perfect Keto, our core values are an embodiment of how we work.

Below are our current values, what they mean, and what we look for in new team members.


  • You care about causes, not symptoms
  • You are constantly interested and investigating “why”
  • You think before you communicate or contribute
  • You do not react by default
  • You are strategic and can explain what you are, and are not, doing
  • You have solutions, not problems

Thinking is the highest leverage activity you can do, and one you must practice daily. Every role in this company is based on knowledge. If you sharpen your thinking skill, you’ll become more effective.



Growth Mindset





Having Fun

Value First Mentality

There are unlimited projects we can focus on as a company and as individuals, so how do we pick the most important?

We focus on Providing Value First.

Here’s the difference between our values and providing value:

  • Our Values: Standards that shape our behavior on a day to day basis.
  • Providing Value: Producing work that will benefit other people and solve problems.

This principle applies to every single thing we put out into the world:

  • Do our social media posts provide value?
  • Do our blog posts?
  • Do our marketing emails?
  • Do our podcasts?
  • Do our customer service responses?

As long as we are constantly providing value and evaluating our work through this lens, we get closer to achieving our mission of helping people own their health.

Do these values resonate with you? Are you passionate about providing value through your work? Then check out our job openings and see where you fit in.


One radical belief we hold at Perfect Keto is that responsible people thrive with freedom.

We try to have as few policies as possible. Our thought is that if you are a responsible person and want to contribute to the mission of the company, you won’t abuse our policies. You will actually perform better with fewer rules, not worse.

Some rules and fine print must happen, of course, particularly in the following topics:

  1. Irreversible damage to the company
  2. Ethical, legal, or moral issues
  3. Safety concerns

Other than that, our team members have the freedom to do their best work however they see fit, and that’s why our policies significantly differ from those of other companies.

💰 Salaries and Bonuses

Instead of flashy bonuses, compensation is top of market value for what you provide to the company.

We pay top of market because we want the best people at our company. If you’re on the team, we value you for your role and how you contribute to our mission.

We issue salary adjustments on your start date anniversary dependent again on market value. If you change roles, your new salary will be at top of market value for that role.

🕐 Office Hours

✈️ Vacation and Holidays

💵 Expensing

📂 Equity

👶 Parental Leave

Perfect Keto Benefits

We are extremely intentional about how we support you as individuals.

We don’t offer benefits just to compete in the start-up perk war. All our benefits contribute to your education, well-being, physical health, and self-improvement so you can be your best self.

The company thrives only when each team member is thriving too.

Below are the general benefits you’ll get as a team member:

🏥 Health insurance: You have the choice to opt-in to the best health insurance we can get. We’re also working towards providing dental and vision coverage.
🍎 Nutrition: You get $150/month to spend on getting fresh food locally. Find a farmer’s market or butcher, support a local food system, and get the best nutrition at the best prices.
💪 Body Basics: You get $250/mo to spend on a gym membership, personal trainer, yoga classes, and anything else that helps you increase your physical fitness. Your work as a knowledge worker will be mostly sedentary. We want you to be moving and taking care of that big meat bag of yours.
📚 Books: Your brain needs love too. You get a free Kindle and four books per month. We encourage as much reading within and outside of our subject matter at work. If you read more than four books a month then feel free to add whatever else you need on top of that. We expect badass book reports if you’re that much of a book worm.
🧘‍♀️ Meditation: We’ll cover any app or class you want to improve your meditation consistency. Meditation isn’t woo-woo new age stuff. It is real. It’s one of the biggest upgrades you can make in your life.
🎓 Continued Learning: We will cover anything that increases your skills you use for work and up to $100/month of anything else. You want to learn Spanish? How to do pottery? We have you covered. Learning is a lifelong skill and you should always be investing in it outside of your typical domain to keep things fresh.


As we said at the beginning, our ultimate goal as a company is helping people own optimal health by improving education and access to healthy food, using a ketogenic diet as an entry point.

To achieve this, we’ve built a culture based on these core values:

  • Thoughtful
  • Intentional
  • Communication
  • Growth Mindset
  • Selfless
  • Courageous
  • Authenticity
  • Excellence
  • Having Fun

Our values, policies and benefits are meant to help you thrive and succeed within and outside of the company.

If you want to make the world a better place by helping others take control of their health and our culture resonates with who you want to be

Check our job openings
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