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20% off single products with code KDP
20% off single products with code KDP

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I love Perfect Keto in our Rocket Fuel Latte’s or even just plain water. Perfect Keto is my favorite because there are never any artificial or scary ingredients. It’s only what you need for great keto energy and recovery, and nothing extra.

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The Keto Diet Cookbook Perfect Keto Bundle

The best keto products to compliment your clean keto cooking and stay energized while snacking or on the go. Leanne Vogel’s favorites.

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Why Leanne Vogel Recommends Perfect Keto

Energize on Keto

If you’re eating low carb or keto-adapting, you might feel lousy and irritable. That’s the keto flu kicking in, and your body starting to metabolize fat instead of carbs. It hasn’t quite adapted to your new source of energy.

Perfect Keto Base gives you exogenous ketones to raise your ketone levels, quickly and effectively — giving you a clean energy boost to get your body past the keto flu.

Go keto and feel great in the process.

Ketosis Leads to Focus

Overwhelming days can be rough.

But keeping great mental clarity isn’t so hard.

When you’re in ketosis, your brain utilizes fat — a more consistent form of energy than the carb rollercoaster. So you can focus better. Naturally.

These results suggest that chronic ketosis with the ketogenic diet increases the contents of ATP in the brain and this increase in ATP probably accounts for the neuronal stability.

NIH Research

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Leanne Vogel's recommendations for performance

Exogenous Ketone Base

Boost ketone levels. Get back into ketosis.

$56.99 $45.59


MCT Oil Powder

Great-tasting powder made from real coconut oil.

$36.99 $29.59


Keto Collagen

A low-carb protein powder. Supports hair & nail, skin, joint and digestive health.

$36.99 $29.59


Our Promise to You

Every product is free of
chemicals, fillers, and artificial flavors.

Perfect Keto products are
100% keto friendly.

All Perfect Keto products are
developed by Dr Anthony Gustin.