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About Perfect Keto

Why should I take Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto allows you to reap all the health benefits of ketosis without the need of strict diet. In addition, our ketones have proved to increase physical performance and mental output.

Where does Perfect Keto’s beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) come from?

We use high quality BHB produced and lab tested in the United States.

Does your product contain formaldehyde or other banned substances?

Absolutely not.

What is the shelf life?

All of our products have a best by date of two years from manufacturing.

Is Perfect Keto gluten free, dairy free, and non-GMO?

Yes, to all of the above!

Is Perfect Keto vegan?

Perfect Keto products are vegan with the exception of our Keto Collagen.

Are the ingredients all natural?

You bet. We don’t add any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

How should I take Perfect Keto?

We recommend a scoop mixed with 8 oz of water, or your favorite beverage. Many of our customers mix the Chocolate Sea Salt with their coffee. If you have recipes you’d like to share, email us at [email protected]

Why so much salt?

The beta-hydroxybutyrate (ketone that you get from PK) is bound to three different salts, one being sodium. However, this is a completely safe amount as this is not table salt, which at high amounts can throw hydration out of whack.

(PK tip: It is a misconception to worry about salt intake and increase water intake while taking exogenous ketones)

When is the best time to take Perfect Keto?
    1. A scoop in between meals or in the morning to put your body into effortless fat burning mode.
    2. A scoop before workouts or physical activity helps decrease the need for oxygen and increase energy.
    3. A scoop on an empty stomach to have an increased mental output and sharper focus.

(PK tip: many of our customers have begun mixing Perfect Keto with their morning coffee)

  • A scoop after a meal you’ve consumed that has carbs to return to the state of ketosis.


Are there side effects from taking Perfect Keto?

Some people may experience a minor gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort due to their body newly being exposed to ketones. If you experience this, we recommend taking half a scoop then dialing it back up once your body adjusts. It’s also wise to limit additional salt intake and drink more water.

What are the benefits of taking Perfect Keto?

There are tons! Aside from enhanced physical performance and improved mental focus, taking Perfect Keto ketones can also help:

  • suppress appetite
  • stabilize mood and reduce depression
  • alleviate headaches
  • lower blood pressure and reduce risk of heart diseases
  • balance blood sugar and insulin levels which regulates diabetes
  • reduce characteristics linked with metabolic syndrome and Parkinson’s disease
How should I take Perfect Keto to reach ketosis?

For someone who has never reached ketosis, we recommend taking 2-3 scoops throughout the day for 2-3 days. Start slow the first day or two and only take ½ to one scoop each serving to note tolerance. This is the “loading phase” which the body is transitioning to the state of ketosis.

How should I take Perfect Keto if I’m in ketosis?

For the body to maintain ketosis, it’s best to maintain a diet of low carbs and sugar and moderate protein. We also recommend taking a scoop of Perfect Keto daily in the morning to kickstart the body into fat burning mode, before you need a mental boost for work, or as a preworkout/intraworkout for exercise performance.

What should my diet be like while taking Perfect Keto?

Our ketones allows you to reap all the benefits of ketosis without following a strict diet. However, to get the most benefit, we highly recommend reducing sugar and carbohydrate intake (20-50 grams per day).

How can I reach ketosis faster?

Depending on your age, body type, diet and activity level, a person typically reaches ketosis within 2-7 days after eating a low carb diet. Taking Perfect Keto will definitely help speed up the process.

Can I take Perfect Keto if I’m pregnant?

Yes, our ketones are perfectly safe for pregnant women.

I have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), can I take Perfect Keto.

We recommend taking half a scoop first. See how you feel then adjust accordingly.

Does Perfect Keto contain caffeine?

No, Perfect Keto does not contain caffeine or any other stimulants.

Can I Take Perfect Keto at night?

Of course, our ketones don’t contain caffeine or any sort of stimulants.

What if I get hungry after taking Perfect Keto on an empty stomach?

When our ketones start to take effect, your body will tap into your stored body fat for fuel. This will provide a steady source of energy for the body and mind, while suppressing hunger. If you feel the need to eat, be sure to avoid carbohydrates and sugars to achieve the best result.

About Ketosis & The Ketogenic Diet

What is the ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet, keto for short, is the consumption of 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs. This results in the depletion of glucose which will put your body in ketosis.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is the metabolic state which your body enters when there’s no more glycogen as a result of a low carbohydrate intake (20-50 grams per day). In this state, your body will switch metabolic pathways and use body fat for energy while simultaneously creating molecules called ketones.

What are ketones?

Ketones, or beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), acetone and acetoacetate (ACA), are a created when our bodies break down fat for fuel. They are the superior form of fuel for both our brain and muscles.

To learn more, please visit: This Link

Can taking Perfect Keto lead to ketoacidosis?

Taking perfect keto will not lead to ketoacidosis. Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is an extremely dangerous metabolic state that is most commonly seen in people with type 1 diabetes and sometimes type 2 diabetics if they aren’t properly managing their insulin and diet.

Possible triggers of DKA could be: starvation combined with alcoholism, an overactive thyroid, alcoholism, acute major diseases such as pancreatitis, sepsis, or myocardinal infarction, illness or infections like urinary tract infections and pneumonia, medications that may inhibit proper use of insulin, drug abuse, stress and heart attack

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What is the most effective way to lose weight with Perfect Keto?

To get the most out of Perfect Keto, incorporate a healthy, low carb diet with physical exercises. This will help you lose weight and shed body fat much more efficiently. Being in ketosis, the body will be in a constant “fat burning” mode.

By consuming sugar or too much carbs (+50 grams) will throw the body out of ketosis.

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Depending on local customs, delivery may take 1 – 3 weeks from the day you order.

What is your return policy?

We can only accept returns if the product is unopened. To make a return, please send your order to the following address:

Perfect Keto
1870 Internationale Blvd, Glendale Heights, IL 60139

Refunds will be processed once the order has be returned.

How can I make changes to my subscription?

All changes can be made in your accounts page here: Account

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