Strawberry Peach Margarita

keto strawberry peach margarita

Forget the triple sec, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, and simple syrup. This strawberry peach margarita cocktail is sugar-free, low-carb, and keto-friendly. Drink up!




  1. Grab your high-speed blender, a cutting board, and a shot glass from your cabinet.
  2. Determine how many margaritas you want to make, and then multiply the number by 1.5. This is how much tequila you should pour into the blender.
  3. Cut a few limes in half, and squeeze the lime juice into the blender. Make the margarita three parts lime juice, so twice as much lime juice as tequila.
  4. For each margarita yield, add three strawberries to the blender.
  5. Add 5-6 drops of liquid stevia for each margarita.
  6. Add one scoop Perfect Keto Peach Exogenous Ketone Base for each serving.
  7. Add as much ice as you need for desired consistency, and blend all ingredients.
  8. Pour and enjoy.


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