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Most Popular Quarantine Diets, Recipes, and Cocktails by State

As a majority of us are avoiding travel this year in favor of staying safe at home, the fascination behind what everyone is up to is gaining momentum.

We dug into the data and found the most searched diets, recipes, and cocktails for every state in the U.S. So, instead of pining after some cross-country travel, you can recreate some state favorites on your own at home.

This is also a fascinating look into how different (and how similar) we all are by state. Find out where your state lands in terms of most searched diets and keep scrolling for your state’s most searched recipes and cocktails.

Most Popular Diet By State

most popular quarantine diets

If you feel like you’re seeing a lot of diet advice on the Internet lately, you’d be right. Stay-at-home orders are inspiring some people to try new diets and recipes to keep that quarantine 15 at bay. Or at least research them…

From intermittent fasting to keto, to good old fashioned caloric restriction, we found some of the most popular diets nationwide according to the latest search data from Google.

Of course, simply searching a diet doesn’t mean you’re doing it, but it is interesting to see which diets and recipes seem to be resonating with different populations. According to the list, the top five most popular (or most searched) diets in the U.S. are: 

  1. Keto Diet 
  2. Paleo Diet
  3. Diverticulitis Diet
  4. Low-Carb
  5. The Mediterranean Diet 

Scan the list and see where your state lands in terms of the most popular diet.

Alabama: Military Diet

Alaska: Keto Diet

Arizona: Military Diet

Arkansas: Keto Diet

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California: Acid Reflux Diet

Colorado: Keto Diet

Connecticut: Keto Diet

Delaware: Keto Diet

Florida: Diverticulitis Diet

Georgia: Alkaline Diet

Hawaii: Keto Diet

Idaho: Keto Diet

Illinois: Alkaline Diet

Indiana: Keto Diet

Iowa: Keto Diet

Kansas: Brat Diet

Kentucky: Keto Diet

Louisiana: Keto Diet

Maine: Keto Diet

Maryland: Renal Diet

Massachusetts: Paleo Diet

Michigan: Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Minnesota: Paleo Diet

Mississippi: Keto Diet

Missouri: Keto Diet

Montana: Keto Diet

Nebraska: Keto Diet

Nevada: Keto Diet

New Hampshire: Keto Diet

New Jersey: Diverticulitis Diet

New Mexico: Keto Diet

New York: Low-Carb Diet

North Carolina: Low-Carb Diet

North Dakota: Keto Diet

Ohio: 1200 Calorie Diet

Oklahoma: Low-Carb Diet

Oregon: Mediterranean Diet 

Pennsylvania: Golo Diet

Rhode Island: Keto Diet

South Carolina: Diverticulitis Diet

South Dakota: Keto Diet

Tennessee: Diverticulitis Diet

Texas: Acid Reflux Diet

Utah: Mediterranean Diet 

Vermont: Keto Diet

Virginia: Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Washington: Keto Diet

West Virginia: Keto Diet

Wisconsin: Paleo Diet

Wyoming: Keto Diet

Most Popular Recipes By State

most popular quarantine recipes

Can’t travel to your favorite states this summer? No problem. We’ve researched the most-searched recipes by state so you can recreate them at home. Many of these even have low-carb or keto alternatives, if you’re trying out the ketogenic diet. 

Alabama: Crab boil

Alaska: Meatballs

Arizona: Sourdough bread

Arkansas: Mexican rice

California: Dole whip

Colorado: French bread

Connecticut: Charoset 

Delaware: Cinnamon rolls

Florida: Whipped coffee

Georgia: Whipped coffee

Hawaii:  Chocolate chip cookies

Idaho: Corned beef and cabbage

Illinois: Whipped coffee

Indiana: Whipped coffee

Iowa: Banana bread

Kansas: Beer bread

Kentucky: Philly cheesesteak

Louisiana: Lemon meringue pie

Maine: No-bake cookies

Maryland: Coffee cake

Massachusetts: Challah bread

Michigan: Whipped coffee

Minnesota: Sourdough bread

Mississippi: Whipped coffee

Missouri: Beer bread

Montana: Carrot cake

Nebraska: Pulled pork

Nevada: Naan

New Hampshire: Waffles

New Jersey: Whipped coffee

New Mexico: Carne Adovada

New York: Whipped coffee

North Carolina: Corned beef and cabbage

North Dakota:  French toast

Ohio: Dole whip

Oklahoma: No-bake cookies

Oregon: Pina colada 

Pennsylvania: Banana muffin

Rhode Island:  French toast

South Carolina: Sourdough bread

South Dakota: Pizza dough

Tennessee: Vanilla cake

Texas: Sourdough starter

Utah: Sourdough bread

Vermont: Banana bread

Virginia: Dalgona coffee

Washington: Corned beef and cabbage

West Virginia: Pizza dough

Wisconsin: Dole whip

Wyoming: Cornbread

Most Popular Cocktails By State

most popular quarantine cocktails

Is alcohol essential? Most people seem to think so during the stay-at-home orders throughout the U.S. Many states are even loosening restrictions on alcohol delivery and carry-out options. 

While this may be stimulating the bottom line oof otherwise floundering restaurants, alcohol consumption is on the rise and too much of it isn’t great for your health and may even lower immune function.

Still, a cocktail here and there won’t hurt, and there are many no-sugar alternatives even in this state-wide list. Cheers!

Alabama: Bushwacker

Alaska: Margarita

Arizona: Margarita

Arkansas: Margarita

California Mint Julep

Colorado: Pina colada

Connecticut: Margarita

Delaware: Margarita

Florida: Mint julep

Georgia: Mint julep

Hawaii: Margarita

Idaho: Mojito

Illinois: Spicy margarita 

Indiana: Pina colada

Iowa:  Bloody Mary

Kansas: Margarita

Kentucky: Margarita

Louisiana: Margarita

Maine: Margarita

Maryland: Moscow mule

Massachusetts: Margarita

Michigan: Bloody Mary

Minnesota: Margarita

Mississippi: Margarita

Missouri: Margarita

Montana: Margarita

Nebraska: Moscow mule

Nevada: Margarita

New Hampshire: Margarita

New Jersey: Mimosa

New Mexico: Margarita

New York: Margarita

North Carolina: Sangria 

North Dakota: Moscow mule

Ohio: Margarita

Oklahoma: Margarita

Oregon: Margarita

Pennsylvania: Margarita

Rhode Island: Margarita

South Carolina: Margarita

South Dakota: Orange Julius 

Tennessee: Margarita

Texas: Strawberry daiquiri

Utah: Pina colada

Vermont: Margarita

Virginia: Cosmo

Washington: Mojito

West Virginia: Whiskey sour

Wisconsin: Cosmo

Wyoming: Whiskey sour

The Takeaway

While it’s fun to discover what the most popular food trends are around the nation, ultimately to find the right diet for you it comes down to trial and error and what’s best for your body.

It comes as no surprise, however, that the keto diet is the most searched diet trend across the United States, which wasn’t the case just a few years ago. Since then, many people have become more familiar with what it takes to get into ketosis and how much it can change your approach to food and health.

It’s also possible to find keto and low-carb alternatives to some of your favorite foods. As you can see from the data in “Most Popular Recipes by State,” there are plenty of workarounds for some of the most crave-worthy foods in America. Including sourdough bread!

And when it comes to cocktails, it’s important to note that alcohol is fine in moderation, but too much can lead to health issues like blood sugar dysregulation and weight gain. 

If you haven’t tried the keto diet yet, check out The Ultimate Guide To The Keto Diet to learn more. 


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