Smoked Salmon Pate with Cucumber

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This salmon pate with cucumber is the perfect keto-friendly appetizer to bring to your next party. Get the recipe plus tips on assembling easy keto apps.




  1. Begin by using a vegetable peeler or small knife to cut strips down the skin of the cucumbers, and then slice the cucumbers into 2 inch slices.
  2. Use a melon baller or a teaspoon, scoop out the flesh in the middle of the cucumber, leaving a small layer at the bottom of each cucumber cup.
  3. Next, grab your food processor and add in ¾ of the smoked salmon, the cream cheese, heavy cream, lemon juice, salt, pepper and chives. Blitz everything for a couple of minutes, until the pâté is smooth.
  4. Then, chop up the remaining ¼ of the smoked salmon into small pieces and add to the pâté. This gives the pâté a little extra texture.
    Finally, fill each cucumber cup with a dollop of salmon pâté and serve! Alternatively, you can store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.


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