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See why thousands of keto lovers shop Perfect Keto

The keto bars are a delicious way to stave off hunger between meals. My order got lost in the mail, and the folks at Perfect Keto sent another one— great customer service!

Susan G. Verified

I finally tried the Perfect Keto bars. My first purchase was the variety pack. Absolutely love the cinnamon roll flavor. Just ordered another variety pack. I’ve forgotten what the other flavors are like. Iike them all but I want to order full boxes of the orher flavors.

Ella F. Verified

We took a road trip on a motorcycle and could not stop for bites to eat at times. The Keto bar was perfect, healthy, taste good and help satisfied our hunger until we could get to our destination.

Searchy B. Verified

Love all of the Perfect Keto products and the Almond Butter Brownie Bars are one of my favorite. It helps me out anytime I have an urge for something sweet or sometimes as a meal replacement on the run.

Robin R. Verified

I love the Perfect Keto bars, especially the Chocolate chip cookie dough ones. Since I have a sweet tooth, these bars have been a life saver for me, helping me to reach my goals. Thank you!

Jeanna A. Verified

I really enjoy these bars as a snack on the go! They are even like having a bit of a sweet treat. Great taste and texture and really help keep keto on track.

Jason Verified

It’s delicious with any beverage. I prefer it coconut milk which augments the delicious chocolate flavor. I only use about half a cup of coconut milk which makes it extra creamy.

Ini N. Verified

Perfect keto is the only company I buy from for my collagen. It's super clean and really delicious. I buy 3-5 at a time so I am never without!

Katie L. Verified

Love how it tastes good, and not overly sweet like other brands. And honest and upfront about the bhb content. It really helped my ketone levels elevate. Amazing product!

Evelyn T. Verified

I add a scoop to my morning coffee every day. Love the vanilla flavor and richness it adds. Best way to get the benefits of collagen!

Sherra G. Verified

I use this for my early afternoon option on intermittent fasting days and it satisfies me till dinner. Tastes great, and doesn’t hinder my ketosis.

Sam B. Verified

I got the vanilla collagen, and I love it! Put it in my coffee with cream and I am good to go.

Linda M. Verified

Taste is on point, texture is crumbly (but not dry) and serving size makes sense. Enjoy!

Raphael S. Verified

These are the BEST cookies I have had thus far. It's tastes like a cheat but fits right in to my low carb, low sugar diet.

Catherine B. Verified

Love both double chocolate and chocolate chip KETO cookies😛 The melt-in-your-mouth chips are over the top!🤗

Paula S. Verified

These cookies are AMAZING! They are so soft and just melt in your mouth. I will definitely purchase them again.

Melanie S. Verified

The cookies were very soft and delicious. Just like a chocolate chip cookie without any guilt.

Kathaena C. Verified

I love them. I only bought them because there was a sale. I thought they’d be dry like other cookies I’ve had. These actually taste like a moist peanut butter cookie! I WILL definitely order them again!! Love.

Cecilia F. Verified

My keto coffee is my first focus in the morning. Without the MCT oil powder for my coffee in the morning, my day does not start right... Love the taste!

Roselina W. Verified

I love the energy and focus I have with this MCT. The variations for using in recipes is a great way to get your daily dosage. Love it!

Avon C. Verified

I use this every morning in my coffee with a splash of cream. The vanilla smells and tastes so good and holds me over until lunchtime!!!

Jilian A. Verified

I mixed a scoop with about a cup of ice, about a cup of milk substitute, instant coffee, blend and, wow!, you'll never need to go buy a frappuccino again!

Lisa A. Verified

I can only say that I love, love this product. It taste amazing ( I use the vanilla flavor) it keeps me full and energized, helps my digestive System And it’s so clean, no junk in here. I can’t live without it. Unbeatable

Lara F. Verified

Absolutely love this product. The salted caramel is my favorite. When I use this I don’t need anything else in my coffee. Yummy!

Cindy M. Verified

Shipping and delivery was great, right on time. Product is yummy. Can't be a little overly sweet but can definitely limit the amount to the serving you desire. I add it to my coffee with some almond milk. Lovely!

Lauren C. Verified

I really like this product. It helps me extend my fast and gives me the boost I need for my fasted workout. It is also surprisingly tasty. I add turmeric powder to mine.

Yasmin M. Verified

so good to put in smoothies and everything. Sometimes I do a scoop of this with a scoop of chocolate collagen or chocolate whey protein and it makes a delish chocolate milk. Adds great flavor to smoothies as well

Rachel S. Verified

I take it on empty stomach every morning and it gives me the perfect boost of energy without breaking my fast before my AM workout.

Jessica B. Verified

Love the peach - I don’t like my drinks to taste like kool-aid so I use 1/2 scoop in my water in the morning when I go to the gym. Gives me energy, helps my brain to wake up & be ready for the day.

Kendra Verified

I love using the base in my coffee when I’m doing IF. It doesn’t break my fast AND it keeps me filling full longer! One of my daily go tos in the morning!

Wendy B. Verified

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Perfect Keto products?

All Perfect Keto snacks and supplements are available in our online store with free US delivery on any order over $75.

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What is the keto diet?

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet with adequate protein that offers many health benefits. Read on to find out more about the diet, health benefits, custom meal plans, and more.

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How can I use keto for weight loss?

It’s our mission to provide science-backed, delicious keto diet supplements and snacks. That’s why we formulated an array of products that help support energy and mental clarity throughout your keto journey, including Exogenous Ketones, Collagen Powder, MCT Oil Powder, Electrolytes, and more.

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How can I  calculate my macros on the keto diet?

The first step in any successful keto diet is calculating your macronutrient goals. That’s why we designed a custom Keto Calculator that helps you find the exact amount of calories, carbs, fat, and protein to help you reach your goals.

After that, simply track your food and hit your macros to get the benefits of ketosis.

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