April Fools!!

Are you kiddin’?? Only way to order quality keto at McDonalds would be,

  • Order a black coffee
  • Add some MCT Oil Powder
  • Get the hell out of McDonald’s

Be on the lookout today. Don’t get got! 🙂

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Responses (3)

  1. Actually, McDonald’s can satisfy keto requirements quite readily. I order the 1/2 beef patties for $1 each. That’s right, just the patties. The are 100% beef seasoned with salt and pepper. 0 carbs, 19 grams protein and 65% of calories from fat. Other options are the round eggs, sausage patties and cheese.

  2. Egg mcmuffin … hold the muffin
    Cheeseburger …. wrapped in lettuce
    Salad …. hold the dressing, croutons and tomatoes…

    Of course you can order keto at McDonalds

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