Dr Anthony Gustin

Hey! I’m Dr. Anthony Gustin.

I’m a certfied sports chiropractor, functional medicine provider and entrepreneur. I’m also cofounder of Perfect Keto.

Over the last few years, I have treated thousands of patients with movement rehab, internal diagnostics, and natural interventions, including everyone from weekend warriors to NFL, MLB and NBA champions. I grew my sports rehab and functional medicine clinics to six locations in San Francisco before shifting my mission to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health and well-being

Along the way, I learned that there are four essential pillars of health: nutrition, movement, stress and sleep. Without all of these in check, you’ll never fully optimize your life. 

Throughout my working with injured and sick patients, I noticed that most clients had the hardest time with nutrition: the most important and impactful pillar. 

That is why I created Perfect Keto. 

If you want to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and how the ketogenic diet is a pillar in my life, you can check out DrAnthonyGustin.com and the Perfect Keto Blog for my latest posts. I’m most active on Instagram, come say hi.

Why Perfect Keto?

The ketogenic diet can be an excellent tool when your main goal is to lose weight and obtain optimal overall health — in an easy and natural way. Although it’s not for everyone, it has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose fat, while gaining greater mental and physical performance, and maintaining energy from morning to bedtime.

Aside for the treatment for conditions such as epilepsy, inflammation, neurological disease and diabetes, patients who successfully transitioned into a ketogenic lifestyle experienced the most significant improvements in fat loss, physical output, and overall health markers. To understand exactly why this happens, take a few minutes to read this.

No doubt, most people out there looking to improve their lives have a lot to benefit from the ketogenic diet. The thousands of positive customer reviews we have for our products can back this up.

Backed by research

There is a lot of misinformation about diet and exercise.

Anyone can seem like an expert on the Internet, writing numerous blog posts based on faulty research and misinforming a large number of people. 

Every product we create, and every post we publish, is backed by multiple peer reviewed articles. I create the formulations that work best for my patients (and myself). I put in the time because I believe in helping people make informed decisions about how they treat their bodies.

I hope I’m able to act as a resource to you, and as someone who can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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