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Keto Supplements to Ensure Balanced Health

A restricted diet plus the process of ketosis may increase your need for specific supplements. These may include: Electrolytes The kidneys excrete excess fluid and electrolytes during ketosis so replenishing electrolytes is crucial to feeling well and energetic while minimizing muscle cramps. Sodium: Sodium must be kept in a delicate balance in the body to avoid

How Much Protein is in Nuts?

It is widely known that nuts pack a powerful protein punch. Keto dieters and other health-conscious eaters have been singing their praises for years. But just how much protein do nuts really have? In the following guide, we endeavor to answer this question by ranking the protein in nuts from most amount of protein to least

The 32 Best Paleo Snacks for Kids

Kids are naturally curious. But there’s something about new foods -especially, gasp!, veggies – that can really make them squirm and stonewall. Even if your kid isn’t a picky eater, healthier foods can be a tough sell over their tried-and-true meals. And let’s just be real about these fancy-pants recipes that call for 20+ steps – ain’t nobody got

3 Reasons You Should Be Sprouting Your Nuts, and How to Do it At Home

Sprouts come from the germination of seeds, grains, legumes, and nuts. If you’ve eaten any variety of East Asian cuisine or visited a health foods store, chances are you’ve come across sprouted seeds and beans. But sprouted nuts? To be more precise, sprouted nuts aren’t sprouted in the same way the others are—you won’t see

How to Roast Nuts and Keep Them Healthy

Questions Answered: How do I roast raw nuts in the oven? Which nuts are best for roasting? Do nuts lose health benefits when roasting? Are roasted nuts good for you? Is there a difference between raw roasted vs dry or oil roasted nuts? Is there anything better than the aroma of roasted toasted nuts? Roasted

Is Baba Ganoush Keto?

Is baba ganoush keto Yes! Made from fire-roasted eggplant, olive oil, lemon, tahini, and spices, baba ganoush is a delicious Mediterranean dip. It’s great for bread, but on the keto diet, you can just eat it with a spoon, with cut veggies, or if you’re feeling adventurous, toasted keto-tortillas. It’s hearty, fatty, utterly delicious, and wonderfully

Is Hersey’s Cocoa Powder Keto Friendly?

Is Hersey’s Cocoa Powder Keto Yes! Cocoa powder is a delicious way to make your various keto foods chocolatey and indulgent. Since it’s largely fat and fiber, it fits your macros whether it’s in coffee, baked goods, or a keto hot chocolate. Beyond being keto-compliant, Hershey’s Cocoa Powder is full of magnesium, an electrolyte most

Are Slim Jims Keto?

Are Slim Jims are Keto-Friendly Yes – but, before you get excited and start stock-piling Slim Jim meat sticks, you should know that Slim Jims aren’t a great solution to your keto snacking struggles. These meat sticks might make a fun road trip snack—they are certainly cheap and easy to find—but, Slim Jims are filled with a

Is Reddi Whip Keto?

Is Reddi Whip Keto? Yes – sort of. Reddi Whip is a form of canned whipped cream that, although it’s highly convenient, is made with natural, whole-food ingredients. While it’s creamy and indulgent, it only has about 2g of carbs per serving. Admittedly, a serving is only 2 tablespoons, but that’s enough to go on any keto

Peas & Keto – Are Peas Ok On Keto?

A member of the legume family, peas are typically part of a healthy meal plan. However, when you’re on the keto diet, things may be a bit different. Below, we examine everything you need to know about eating peas and the keto diet. FAQs About Peas and the Keto Diet Let’s start with the basics

Is Edamame Keto?

Is edamame keto Yes – sort of. First and foremost, edamame is a legume, and strictly speaking, we don’t want beans on a keto diet. Even though most beans are packed with fiber and protein, they’re just too carby to eat and still reasonably maintain ketosis. The difference between black or kidney beans and edamame, however,

What Kicks You Out of Ketosis & How to Avoid It

Having trouble achieving or staying in ketosis on the ketogenic diet? You’re not alone. With carbs hidden in unsuspecting places in the Standard American Diet (SAD), it’s not a surprise that getting into and staying in ketosis can be a challenge. Unless you’ve been doing the low-carb keto diet for a long time, chances are,

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