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Lorenz Mac

Lorenz Mac is a health & wellness writer committed to spreading the knowledge of the ketogenic diet and proper nutrition protocols. For Lorenz, cultivating the awareness of optimal healthy living is a top priority and believes functional medicine and low carb living are at the forefront of health and longevity. He regularly writes articles for beginners who are just getting started with the low carb, high-fat lifestyle.  

Education: Ocean County College; Bachelor of Business Administration - Stockton University

Carb Blocker 101: What You Need to Know

Can you eat all the carbs you want by using a carb blocker? Get the facts on these supplements that claim to help you lose weight and stay in ketosis.

How to Use Ketosis for Hunger Suppression

Unlike most diets, keto can help you lose weight without going hungry. Learn how a ketogenic diet helps you burn fat while feeling full and satisfied.

Top 13 Common Keto Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Many beginners on the low carb, high fat lifestyle make several keto mistakes which can ruin their chances of success on the diet. Avoiding these mistakes will help you properly burn ketones without stalling or feeling fatigued.

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