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“It is mind-blowing the impact keto has on mental health.”


After having two beautiful kids, Nisha found herself in a scary place. 

“Prior to having kids, I was very athletic, outgoing, and social. I was somebody who was happy and strong…[After I had my first child], I just didn’t feel happy anymore.”

And she says the symptoms got worse: “It was crying, it was negative thoughts…and it just compounded after I had my [second child]. The tipping point was when there were active suicidal thoughts.”

Nisha knew she had to do make a big change. 

“I had friends who had successfully done keto. So I always knew that, metabolically speaking, you will lose weight on keto.” What surprised her, though, was the mental and emotional health that came when she switched to keto. 

It is mind-blowing the impact keto has on mental health.


Nisha Success Stories


Nisha’s Keto Success

Nisha has been keto for 2 full years now and lost 56 pounds.

“I wake up and I’m happy. I can keep up with my kids, there’s no huffing and puffing. My husband has noticed that I’m not stressed out.”

My whole outlook on life has totally changed.

“Now my husband and my kids are all keto with me.”

“To literally step away from having pills in your hand to being where I am today… I can’t even tell you how much of a transformation it is.”

But Nisha’s journey was not without challenges. When asked about the hardest part about making this switch, she says, “To be honest, the critics.” 

“I had family members and friends who would literally tell me I was killing my kids, or killing my husband… I didn’t expect that kind of criticism. That was really hard.”

For her, though, the science doesn’t lie. As a nurse and self-proclaimed nerd, Nisha dug into research and found that a lot of the benefits she and her family were experiencing, all came down to ketones.

“I tried Atkins and I tried paleo. I kind of grew up on the Mediterranean diet. But you don’t get the same ketones with any of those other diets… If you do keto right and decrease other inflammatory elements around you, you give ketones a chance to do what they were meant to do. And it will work.”

Perfect Keto products help Nisha and her family maintain their keto lifestyle without sacrificing the sweet things in life.

“My all-time favorite are the Nola Bars! The peanut one tastes like a PayDay to me. We dip them in melted chocolate. And the coconut one tastes like an Almond Joy. My kids love them too. And your MCT Oil Powders and Collagen taste genuinely really, really good. The Salted Caramel and Strawberry flavors are honestly like a dessert. They hit the spot.”

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