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125: Dr. Robin Berzin – Making Functional Medicine More Accessible

Dr. Robin Berzin, the CEO and founder of Parsley Health, is working hard to make functional medicine more accessible. You’ll see how that’s possible and why it’s a much more effective option for reversing chronic diseases when you tune in.

124: Dr. Dan Stickler – Optimizing Health Through Epigenetics

Dr. Dan Stickler, author, podcaster, speaker, blogger, co-founder of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential, and Medical Director for the Neurohacker Collective, comes on the show to share how to optimize all aspects of health by improving gene expression.

122: Ed Byrne – Making Regenerative Agriculture Mainstream

See why Ed Byrne and his team at Wholesome Meats are making it their mission to scale regenerative agriculture to make it more mainstream and available. You’ll learn more about regenerative agriculture in this episode and why it’s so beneficial.

121: Gary Taubes – The Key to Losing Weight and Weight Management

Returning guest and best-selling author Gary Taubes shows why cutting calories and exercising more is not the answer to losing weight. Instead, he’ll share the research behind why keto is the key to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

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