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Crispy Skin Salmon with Pesto Cauliflower Rice

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Keep that stove time to a minimum and those good fats to a maximum with crispy skin salmon with pesto cauliflower rice! Salmon a favorite not just among fish lovers, but even those on the fence about seafood usually love this delicious fish for the taste and the nutrients.

According to the Worlds Healthiest Foods, salmon has earned its reputation as a health-supportive food based on its unusually high omega-3 fatty acid content. The standard American diet has an extremely deficient ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats (often with 4-5 times as much omega-6 fat as omega-3 fat). Salmon contains a high concentration of omega-3s (EPA and DHA) while containing a relatively low concentration of omega-6s.

Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Why do salmon have all these amazing omega 3’s? It’s because they eat a diet primarily of algae, and the beneficial fatty acids are concentrated in the fish, which can then make it’s way up the food chain to us! Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, salmon!

  • Improved control of the body’s inflammatory processes
  • Better cellular function
  • Better brain function
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Improved mood and cognition
  • Joint protection
  • Improved vision
  • Decreased cancer risk

Salmon is often marketed as a superfood, but you might have heard some stories about salmon being highly toxic and contaminated with mercury. If you’ve tried any of our recipes, then you know how much we emphasize the importance of properly sourcing your foods. This is no different when it comes to seafood! Check out founder Dr. Anthony Gustin’s Guide to Buying Seafood to get the best cuts with the highest nutrient density and omega-3:omega-6 ratio. Salmon is sold in a variety of ways (frozen, canned, smoked, or dried), but wild-caught Alaskan salmon is recommended. With fish scattered about in the ocean, this type of salmon has the lowest potential for contaminants. In the ocean, fish are able to consume their natural diet, but farmed fish are so densely packed that disease and contamination from antibiotics or pesticides run rampant. It is highly recommended to buy salmon from a store that has a reputation of having a fresh supply of fish.

Fun Fact: Salmon comes from the Latin word “salmo,” which means “to leap.” In fact, mature salmon are exceptional jumpers, which is helpful when they have to swim upstream or up rapids.


Crispy Skin Salmon with Pesto Cauliflower Rice

DSC 0671

Keep the stove time to a minimum and those good healthy fats to a maximum with this crispy skin salmon with pesto cauliflower rice recipe!

  • Author: Cristina Curp
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 40 minutes
  • Yield: 3 1x
  • Category: Dinner
  • Cuisine: Italian



  1. Add coconut aminos, fish sauce and olive oil to a dish.
  2. Pat your salmon filets dry and place meat side down on the marinade.
  3. Sprinkle the skin with a little salt. Let them sit for 20 minutes while you prep the rest of the meal.
  4. Heat a large cast iron skillet on medium heat.
  5. Peel and dice your garlic, add it to the bowl of a blender or food processor. Add in the basil, hemp hearts, lemon juice, salt, olive oil and MCT powder. Pulse to combine.
  6. In a skillet, heat your cauliflower rice to thaw. Add a few spoonfuls of the pesto you just made, sprinkle with a little pink salt and stir it in. Lower the heat and keep it warm while you cook the salmon.
  7. Once your cast iron has come to temperature, add in the butter. Let it melt and spread it evenly over the skillet.
  8. Place your salmon skin side down in the skillet. Cook here for about five minutes, until the edges of the meat begin to look cooked. If your salmon fillets are thick, it will take a little bit longer. Flip your salmon over and pour in the rest of the marinade from the plate. Sear here for one to two minutes.
  9. Remove from heat and serve over pesto cauliflower rice.


  • Calories: 647
  • Fat: 51
  • Carbohydrates: 10.1 (net)
  • Protein: 33.8

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8 thoughts on “Crispy Skin Salmon with Pesto Cauliflower Rice

  1. I just cooked this with my 7 year old and didn’t stay from the recipe much at all. It was very good! The only thing I did do was add some macadamia nuts (4) to the pesto. I would suspect that cast iron is almost a “must” to get a great crisp.

  2. I’m not a fish eater at all, and the only thing I might eat is shrimp. Can chicken be a replacement for or all recipes that require fish?)

    1. Hi Cheryl, this is just a guide on how she made the recipe. You can definitely put your own twist to it 🙂

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