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I Can Live A Life Where Food Doesn’t Control Me


Before keto, Grace felt helpless when it came to her diet.

“Food controlled me,” she says. “One bite was never enough. I ate emotionally for years, especially when I was pregnant. After I got married, I had three babies in three years and tried to be healthy, but wasn’t disciplined. I was always tired and felt overwhelmed.”

After her third child, Grace began to struggle with food on a whole new level. It ended up being a wakeup call.

“I plummeted into deep postpartum depression, the likes of which I had not experienced with my first two children. I could feel how heavy I was from the pregnancy, and it was bearing on my ability to interact, serve others, and care for my family.”

Eventually, Grace realized that food was a major factor in her depression.

“I began noticing that my darkest depression followed days when I binged on sugar nonstop,” she says.

 “My parents had been successfully following the keto way of eating and suggested I try it. I started when my baby was just four weeks old…and it’s working for me!”

Grace’s Keto Success Story


Grace had to go through some trial and error before finding a balanced keto diet that works for her.

“I’ve learned about macronutrients/micronutrients (my lack of magnesium was also affecting my depression). I’ve learned that I need to give my body a rest from eating and not feed it constantly. I’ve learned how to make REALLY good food that is good for me. And I’ve learned just how good keto coffee is…every morning.

Definitely overcoming the sweet tooth was [hard], but it was fun to find and even create new recipes to combat that.”

Part of Grace’s success in beating her sweet tooth has come down to replacing sugary snacks with sweet keto treats.

 “Remember that keto coffee I mentioned? Yeah, the Perfect Keto Salted Caramel MCT oil powder definitely helped me give up sugar-cream coffee forever. I missed the flavors I could put in my coffee, and PK came to the rescue. Also, the Keto Bars have been my favorite breakfast so far. So much easier than making a meal when I have three littles vying for my attention. The Salted Caramel (again) was my favorite.”

Grace, a big thank you from all of us at Perfect Keto for sharing your keto journey. Stories like yours inspire us to keep doing what we do.

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