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Perform is the only no-carb, no-garbage sports drink to fuel your exercise. Enjoy a natural source of energy formulated by doctors to support athletic performance. No additives or fillers.

Keto Perform
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5 Things to Know About Keto Perform

1. Keto Perform is a unique blend of ingredients meant to help provide more energy, stamina, and strength during your exercise.

2. Keto Perform can make a great supplement to help give your exercise a boost if you have noticed that it has suffered since starting Keto.

3. Keto Perform contains 7.7 grams of BHB (about ½ of a full serving of Keto Base) and 5g of MCTs.  If you are new to taking BHB or MCTs, please begin with a ¼ to ½ serving and assess tolerance.

4. Keto Perform contains 60mg of caffeine.

5. Keto Perform will help you train harder and achieve your fat loss and performance goals quicker!

What is Perform For?

Perfect Keto Perform was created to provide your body the raw materials it needs to maximize your workouts and support your active lifestyle.

While low-carb diets like keto are popular for people looking to lose weight, these diets can cause some people to suffer from low energy during workouts. During prolonged workouts, your body may struggle to break down fat for fuel quickly enough, so we created this product specifically to help people in this situation.

Specially formulated for those on the ketogenic diet, Perform, unlike other sports drinks, isn’t loaded with fillers and sugars. But whether or not you’re going keto, you can benefit from the natural, sugar-free energy boost Perform provides!

Perform contains:

  • 7.7g BHB – one of the ketone bodies that provides your body with energy in the absence of glucose
  • 5g MCT – rapidly digested and readily used for energy
  • BCAAs – supports muscle performance
  • Creatine – supports increased muscle output
  • L-citrulline – delays muscle fatigue and supports immune function
  • Beta alanine – supports muscular strength and increased power output
  • Caffeine – from green tea, promotes strength and increased power output

Chances are, you’re reading this guide because you just received a shipment of Perfect Keto Perform and aren’t sure how to use it. These next sections will help!

How to Use Perform

Perform can be added to a smoothie, your go-to sports drink, or just mixed with water!

How Often Should You Take Perform?

Add Perform to 8 – 10 ounces of your favorite beverage any time throughout the day for an energy boost, or right before a workout to improve physical performance. We recommend sticking to two scoops per day, max.

When Should You Take Perform?

Before a Workout

Mix ½ – 1 scoop with 8 – 10 ounces of water (or sports drink), 15 to 30 minutes before exercise. If you are working out for more than an hour, take an additional ½ scoop per hour.

In the Morning

Aside from providing energy and wakefulness, all the ingredients in Perform also contribute to better mental acuity to help you get tasks done. And unlike with coffee bingeing, you won’t experience crashes!

Anytime Your Brain Needs a Boost

Getting sluggish at work? Feeling tired before an exam? The 50g of natural caffeine in Perform will give you the boost you need to stay in full productivity mode!

Perform Recipes

Perfect Keto Perform Iced Tea Lemonade

Buzzy Raspberry Lemonade Spritzer

Who Should Use Perform?

Women vs. Men

Perfect Keto Perform does not discriminate by gender! Anyone’s workout performance can benefit from this supplement.

Is Perform Vegetarian or Vegan Friendly?

We use no animal products in the ingredients or production of Perform, so it’s vegetarian and vegan approved.

Is Perform Safe During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

One serving of Perform contains 50mg of caffeine from green tea. It is widely advised that pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake to less than 200mg per day, so while the amount of caffeine in our product is perfectly safe, we do strongly encourage women to consult their doctor before taking this supplement, due to the lack of studies on pregnant women and pre-workout supplements[*].

How Does Perform Affect Ketosis and Blood Sugars?

Perform does not contain any sugar or carbs, so it is both keto-friendly and won’t affect blood sugars.

More Information About Perform

When and How to Use Perform Perform Pre-Workout

Perform - Keto Sports Drink

A clean source of energy to boost athletic performance on the ketogenic diet.

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