The Ultimate Start Up Guide to The Ketogenic Diet

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The Ultimate Start Up Guide to The Ketogenic Diet

Whether you're a beginner or a vet, this ultimate keto diet guide will help you get motivated, build knowledge, get started & troubleshoot issues.

Use this post to learn the simple skills to be more motivated on a daily basis, prepare better, correct mistakes, and boost your ketone levels for peak performance.

Most people will tell you a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet is a journey in its own right, filled with triumphs and challenges. Climbing the ketogenic diet hierarchy of needs is simple, but not always easy.

If you are brand new to the ketogenic diet, you may want to know where exactly to start and what to do next.

If you have tried keto for a little bit, you may want to know where you’re at on the hierarchy and decide to retrace a step or make your next leap forward in ketogenic performance.

If you are a veteran, you already know that this journey is marked by learning and pivoting at every juncture. You may want to experiment with small refinements to maximize even more! 🙂

Regardless if you are a beginner or have been eating a strict ketogenic diet for years, take a step back and ask yourself where you stand on The Ketogenic Diet Hierarchy of Needs and then take the next action! Let’s get it!

Motivation Stage

The Ketogenic Diet Heirarchy of Needs Motivation
First things first.  What is your “why.” This is what will keep pushing you and driving you when your head is telling you to slack. It doesn’t have to be a magnificent “pie-in-the-sky” vision. Simply,

Identify your goal. Example: lose 5 pounds in the next 2 months, or, run a half marathon under 2 hours.

Identify the purpose behind your goal (why you want this goal). Example: So that I can have more energy with my family, or, to gain a sense of accomplishment.
Lastly, decide if you think a ketogenic diet can help you.

Motivation Stage Menu

Knowledge Stage

The Ketogenic Diet Heirarchy of Needs Knowledge

Here’s the Knowledge Stage analogy: Say we are hungry and want to go out to eat. It wouldn’t make much sense to sprint to the nearest restaurant, right? Wouldn’t we be better served to take the few minutes to learn about what’s available, and then make a plan? Yes, we would take the time to Yelp or ask a friend for some knowledge and use that information to decide where we want to go.

Knowledge Stage Menu

Preparation Stage


Ultimate Guide To Ketogenic Diet

Back to the restaurant analogy, this is the stage where you make a plan how you are going to get from your house to the restaurant. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Pull up a spreadsheet, notepad, napkin, anything… and make a plan. The most important questions to ask yourself are,

  • How are you going to test your ketone levels?
  • What are you going to do for meal prep, if any?
  • What snacks do you want to have on deck?
  • What supplements are you going to take?
  • What groceries do you need?

Preparation Stage Menu

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Execution Stage

Like Nike says, it’s time to Just Do It! This stage is all about dealing with the common issues of transition to ketosis. Of course, there will be some minor pains and challenges, but this does not mean you should quit. Having the motivation, knowledge, and preparation in place is all going to pay off now. 🙂
A great place to start is the Perfect Keto Macronutrient Calculator

Execution Stage Menu

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Testing Stage

The Ketogenic Diet Heirarchy of Needs Testing

The first question to ask yourself is: am I testing my ketone levels? Many other Ketonians make this mistake for a long time before realizing that it’s the best way to reach new heights and performance.

There’s an underlying reason we don’t want to test ourselves. We might not get the answer we want. Pride and shame conspire to tell us we don’t need to check our results. The key is to not take yourself so seriously and just go for it. ? The two possible outcomes are
a. We are in ketosis. Great!
b. We aren’t in ketosis. It’s great to know that! Now we can make adjustments.
Think about, say, basketball practice. You wouldn’t shoot the ball towards the hoop but then walk away immediately, failing to wait and see if it actually goes in. Or… you wouldn’t get in your car and drive somewhere new without checking the GPS to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. Right? Same deal here.

Testing Stage Menu

Mistakes and Corrections Stage

The Ketogenic Diet Heirarchy of Needs Corrections
Mistakes, refinements, pivots, corrections, whatever your want to call them… These changes are the vehicle that takes us from stage to stage of the Ketogenic Hierarchy of Needs. The good news is they are also the vehicle to break through plateaus and reach new performance levels. Changing habits is tough, no doubt about it, but have fun with it and go for it!
Are you not in ketosis? The correction may be to revisit a previous stage on the Ketogenic Hierarchy.
Do I need to lower my carb intake?
Do I need to start testing my ketone levels?
Do I need to stop cheating so often?
Am I on track to reach my goal?

Mistakes and Corrections Menu

Summary – Starting Up on The Ketogenic Diet

You are the director of your own movie.

Are you thriving on a daily basis and rocking it from a nutritional standpoint? It’s because of you!

Are you unhappy with a few things (or maybe several) and feel like you are just surviving? It’s also because of your daily routine. This is the great news though because it means we may be the problem, but we are also the solution.

A business that doesn’t take a regular inventory usually goes broke – and it’s no different with us and the way we eat. Starting up on the ketogenic diet basically means we have to check in on what we need to start, what we need to stop and what we need to continue to make progress! It may be in the,

Motivation Stage – What do I want and why do I want it?
Knowledge Stage – Do I understand the main ideas of what I’m trying to do?
Preparation Stage – Am I set up for success here?
Execution Stage – Am I doing my best?
Testing Stage – Am I testing my results?
Correction Stage – Based on my ketone levels and results – what can I improve?

Check where you stand on the ketogenic hierarchy of needs image at the top of the post, then trust your instincts on what’s best for you to do next. Go for it and have fun! Share your thoughts and let’s help each other out too! 🙂


32 thoughts on “The Ultimate Start Up Guide to The Ketogenic Diet

  1. I am interested in your product. I saw a 17% if you order automatically every month. How do you set that up?

  2. Hi, I just purchased your product and wanted to know the best way to use? How many times per day, etc. thanks Dr. Michael

    1. Hey, just purchased your product. When is the best time to have it? Before breakfast, with breakfast, after meals, at night? And how many times a day? For weight loss

      1. Hi Kris! Exogenous ketones are not a weight loss supplement. It helps the body get into ketosis (a state of using fat for energy). To lose weight, Perfect Keto should be used in conjunction with a diet and lifestyle designed for weight loss. For more: –How to Use (and Not to Use) Exogenous Ketones for Weight Loss

        Also, the best time to take it is in the morning or between meals to put your body into an effortless fat-burning mode,before/during exercise as an energy drink. You can also try it on an empty stomach and after eating a non-ketogenic meal.

  3. Do you provide free samples? I was looking at ordering or subscribing but am unsure about flavors. Also wanted to test all of your products to find out which ones I will order. I am very impressed with your website and the information you have.

    1. Hi Russell,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any sample packs, but we do stand by our products 100%. If you order through our website and aren’t satisfied with the product, you can get a refund within 30 days. If you are subscribed to get emails from us, be on the lookout for upcoming special promotions as we have those often 🙂

  4. whoah this blog is excellent i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You know, lots of people are hunting around for this information, you could aid them greatly.

  5. I’ve recently began the keto diet, but my wife has not. We are curious how occasionally eating a keto meal that I prepare for us (with higher fat than the usual non-keto meal) may affect someone who is still ingesting carbs throughout the day. Will this contribute to higher body fat since her body must burn the carbs first?

    1. Great questions. It depends on a lot of factors. Typically the high carbohydrate meals (and especially ones with simple, processed or fast acting carbs) will cause an insulin response which tells your body to store fat. The ketogenic meals will not produce a high insulin response, however, if you eat a high carb and a high fat diet over the course of days and weeks, you are likely to be eating a high-calorie diet too, and gaining weight. Theres no problem with eating some meals with high fat and some with high carbs, but it’s worth making sure you’re not over eating.

  6. I am new to the keto world, and am interested is introducing new products into my daily life. Which products would you suggest to a beginner who is trying to lose weight?

    1. Weight loss depends on a well-formulated weight loss diet. Perfect Keto can help with supplemental energy on your diet but they don’t cause weight loss. 🙂 Join us in the Perfect Keto Community Group!

  7. Hello. I have committed to starting a ketogenic diet. My main reason is because of the research indicating it might help my chronic migraines. In addition to that I would like to loose weight and have more energy. Since my primary motivation is for my migraines, which of the programs (weight loss, physical performance, mental clarity) should I follow? Thank you.

  8. im doing keto with my mom who has memory issues dementia/alzheimer.. i know i have to do my macros find how much carbs protein and fat is required for me to lose weight which is my goal. But my mom im introducing her to this ketos diet to try to give her a better life and help with her memory issues and the deteriation of her brain.. How do i calculate for her is it the same as if she was losing weight which she does not need to..I need a little help for her in that area. thanks

  9. El pasado 23 de junio realice una compra y no recibí numero de guia para rastrearlo. Espero me la puedan dar. Gracias

  10. I am still learning and getting started here on keto. Net carbs and total carbs are listed on the list of foods, Question: is the total carbs what we look at to see what our percentages are? or the net carbs? I’m just wondering why both are on the list if we just use one? I’m getting confused.

    1. Hi Belinda, net carbs is the real carbs (starch and sugar). They spike your blood glucose. If you spike your blood glucose, your body will use that as energy instead of using/producing ketones. Fiber is counted in total carbs and does not affect blood glucose.

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