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Vital Proteins vs Perfect Keto: Nutrition, Ingredients, and More


Collagen protein is a rich source of amino acids and fits perfectly into most diets. Gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly, and keto-friendly, collagen also offers unique amino acids that are difficult to get from a modern diet[*].

But most protein supplements come with hidden ingredients like sweeteners and fillers, some of which might even kick you out of ketosis or contribute to unwanted weight gain. 

One of the most popular collagen protein blends on the market is Vital Proteins Collagen. In this article

In this article, we’re going to do a deep dive into Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and determine if they’re good matches for keto dieters. 

What is Vital Proteins Collagen?

Vital Proteins is a nutrition supplement company most well-known for its collagen powders. 

The company came about when founder Kurt Seidensticker started experiencing severe knee pain. As a health enthusiast and an avid runner when Kurt started experiencing pain, he decided to dig into natural solutions. 

Kurt found that supporting his collagen production may be the answer due to its role in connective tissue health. As he began researching natural ways to increase collagen production, he decided to create a product that he could share with others.

Collagen is a crucial component of your connective tissue. In fact, it’s the most abundant protein in your body[*]. Healthy connective tissue is essential for joint health, but also has a significant impact on skin health and gut health[*][*]

Vital Protein Collagen Nutrition 

Vital Proteins offers several different flavors of powders. So, when it comes to nutrition and keto-friendly ingredients, the answer depends on which flavor you choose. Here’s just one comparison:

Vital Proteins Dark Chocolate Blackberry

Serving size (1 scoop) 30 grams 

Calories: 110 kcal 

Total Carbohydrate: 8 grams 

Total Sugar: 5 grams 

Protein: 18 grams 

The Unflavored Collagen Peptides 

Serving size (2 scoops) 20 grams 

Calories: 70 kcal

Protein 18 grams

As you can see, the flavored collagen does contain a significant amount of carbohydrates (8 grams), including 5 grams of sugar. On the other hand, the unflavored version is more keto- and Paleo-friendly, with zero grams of carbs and 18 grams of protein. 

Vital Protein Ingredients

The varying flavors also contain very different ingredients, some of which aren’t recommended for a healthy keto diet.

Vital Proteins Dark Chocolate Blackberry

Collagen Peptides, Coconut Water Powder, Natural Cocoa Flavor, Organic Blackberry Powder (fruit), Organic Cocoa

The Unflavored Collagen Peptides 

Bovine collagen peptides

Again, the unflavored collagen is a better choice if you’re looking to stay in ketosis or follow a more low-sugar diet. Although the flavored collagen ingredients aren’t “bad,” many of them may affect your blood sugar due to their carbohydrate content.

Perfect Keto Collagen Nutrition

Perfect Keto also offers a range of collagen flavors. For a best comparison to Vital Proteins let’s take a look at the chocolate and unflavored varieties.

Perfect Keto Chocolate Collagen Protein

Serving size (1 scoop) 17 grams 

Calories: 80 kcal 

Total Fat: 3.5 grams

Total Carbohydrate: 2 grams 

Dietary Fiber: <1 gram

Total Sugar: 0 grams 

Protein: 10 grams 

Perfect Keto Unflavored Collagen Protein

Serving size (1 scoop) 15 grams 

Calories: 70 kcal 

Total Fat: 3.5 grams

Total Carbohydrate: <1 gram

Dietary Fiber: 0 grams

Total Sugar: 0 grams 

Protein: 10 grams 

The benefit of choosing the unflavored Perfect Keto’s collagen is that it comes with less than one gram of carbohydrates per serving. But, other flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and salted caramel only have one gram of carbohydrates and pack a ton of flavor, so any choice will support your keto goals.

Perfect Keto Collagen Ingredients 

Now let’s take a look at the ingredients in the Perfect Keto Collagen options.

Perfect Keto Chocolate Collagen Protein

Hydrolyzed collagen, MCT(medium chain triglycerides), Cacao Powder, Stevia extract

Perfect Keto Unflavored Collagen Protein

Hydrolyzed collagen, MCT(medium chain triglycerides), Gum acacia 

Perfect Keto, being a keto company, takes great care in avoiding ingredients that are sources of carbohydrates. That’s why you won’t see any fruit juices or unnecessary ingredients that may add carbohydrates to the formulas. 

Another ingredient that sets Perfect Keto apart from most other collagen brands is the use of MCTs(more on that below). 

Vital Protein vs. Perfect Keto Collagen 

So, where does Vital Proteins Collagen measure up against Perfect Keto Collagen?

Let’s take a look from a nutritional standpoint:

Perfect Keto (Chocolate) Vital Proteins (Chocolate)
Serving size 16 grams  30 grams 
Calories 70 kcal 110 kcal
Fat 3.5 grams  0 grams
Carbohydrate 1 gram 8 grams
Sugar 0 grams  5 grams
Protein 10 grams  18 grams 

To accurately compare the two, you have to double the serving of Perfect Keto Collagen, as the Vital Proteins serving size is just about twice that of the Perfect Keto version.

From a macronutrient standpoint, the Perfect Keto Chocolate Collagen is much more in line with a ketogenic diet (rich in fat and protein, very low in carbs). Vital Proteins (Chocolate) is higher in carbs and includes simple sugars as well, with carbs accounting for about 30% of the serving size. 

On a gram by gram basis, Perfect Keto also offers a bit more protein. 

While both Vital Proteins and Perfect Keto offer high-quality grass-fed collagen, Vital Proteins adds in sources of carbohydrates that may kick you out of ketosis. 

Although the fruit powders may provide small amounts of vitamin C, the benefit does not outweigh the potential of kicking you out of ketosis. You can get more meaningful doses of vitamin C elsewhere.

Perfect Keto not only excludes sources of sugar, but the collagen powders have at most one gram of carbohydrate per serving.

When it comes to sweeteners, using natural options is always better than potentially harmful artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose. Perfect Keto opts for stevia, which provides a sweet flavor, along with some potential health benefits, including antioxidants and enhanced blood sugar stability[*].

Perfect Keto also adds in MCT oil powder (medium-chain triglycerides), which not only enhances the fat content of the powder but also creates a rich and smooth mouthfeel. 

The added benefit of MCTs is that this type of fatty acid is able to bypass your lymphatic system when being digested. This allows them to go directly to your liver to be converted to energy, making them an excellent source of fuel for both keto dieters and non-keto dieters alike[*].

One thing that Perfect Keto and Vital Proteins both have in common is that they offer hydrolyzed collagen. When collagen is hydrolyzed, it means that it’s been broken down, and the amino acids are more easily digestible — increasing your body’s ability to absorb and assimilate them. 

Collagen Sourcing

Collagen sourcing is important to the quality of your supplement. Both Vital Proteins and Perfect Keto use collagen from grass-fed cows. Grass-fed cows tend to be healthier, therefore your product is less likely to contain byproducts like antibiotics and growth hormone[*].

Grass-fed cows are also better for the environment. When cows are allowed to graze on the land a natural byproduct is a more even distribution of manure. Animal manure is a fantastic source of nutrients for the soil, and improves the quality of the plant life on the farm. 

What’s more, when the quality of the soil improves, as it does in grazing, it increases the ability of the soil to sequester carbon. Carbon sequestering is one of the most effective ways to offset carbon emissions[*].

The Takeaway

Vital Proteins offers a range of high-quality collagen supplements. While they clearly take a lot of pride in how they source their ingredients, some of their products may not be a nutritional match if you want to stay in ketosis.

Perfect Keto Collagen Protein Powder, on the other hand, is tailor-made for the keto diet and offers a  keto-friendly and high-quality option for anyone looking to cut carbs while still enjoying rich flavors like chocolate, salted caramel, and vanilla. 

In the end, if you’re looking to capitalize on the benefits of collagen, the best collagen supplements are the ones you’re going to take regularly. You can add collagen to smoothies, use it as a protein powder, or even add it as a creamer (when there is fat added to the formula). 

Research shows that 10 to 15 grams of collagen is the sweet spot that you want to hit for potential benefits like joint health, digestive health, and skin elasticity[*][*].

For more side by side comparisons of Perfect Keto products check out our breakdown of Kirkland Protein Bars Vs. Perfect Keto Bars.


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