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Keto After Traumatic Brain Injury


Paul suffered several concussions and head traumas throughout his life, leaving him with brain fog, confusion, low energy, and migraines.

“I even had a neurological issue that affected my blood pressure,” he explained. 

And these conditions were keeping him from being as active as he wanted to be. At 31, he craved activity. Not only that — he knew he wasn’t as productive or sharp as he could be at work. 

Over the years, he experimented with different diets and therapies to improve overall health. “Then I found keto and wanted to see what kind of benefits I could get from lower inflammation and improved mental clarity.”

Like many Americans, a “healthy” diet always consisted of eating plenty of whole wheat carbs. Not only did low-fat, high-carb diets not help, they actually made his brain fog worse. “Since starting keto, I’ve learned that feeling sluggish after meals is not the norm.”

It’s been three years since Paul first started his keto journey and a lot has improved. 

“I learned how much some of my issues [before keto] were effecting my productivity, and now I am mentally sharp the whole day and way more productive. 

How Paul Ketos 

Paul started his keto journey because of the brain health and anti-inflammatory benefits of the ketogenic diet. He stayed for new-found energy brain benefits. 

But keto isn’t always easy to start. 

“The biggest challenge was learning not to follow all the crappy Keto advice out there,” he said. But luckily, he was already used to eating real, high-quality food. Paul’s advice? 

Stick to real foods and find your tolerance level for different kinds of carbs.”

It’s also important to keep high-quality, convenient keto options on hand. “Perfect Keto bars are my go-to before high-intensity training because sometimes a meal of fat and protein wouldn’t digest fast enough and that would affect my workout.”

Today, Paul eats a Perfect Keto Bar two hours before Jiu-Jitsu and takes Keto Base on lower-calorie days leading up to fasting. And don’t forget Keto Nootropics for high mental processing days.

Thank you, Paul, for sharing your keto success story with the Perfect Keto team and our readers.

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