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7-Day No Sugar Challenge


You’re likely anxious about the spread of COVID-19 and how it will affect you and life as you know it.

This thing is spreading like wildfire and the only thing we have control over are the preventative measures we take – like extreme handwashing and social distancing.

But you can also take control of your immunity. This No Sugar Challenge will help!

FREE 7-Day No Sugar Challenge

Get in on the Perfect Keto No Sugar Challenge to kick sugar cravings, get your energy back & boost your immunity.

Why Join The No Sugar Challenge?

Reason #1: Boost Your Immunity


Did you know that eating less sugar not only improves your overall health, but also gives your immune system the boost it needs to protect you from germs, viruses, and chronic illness? 

With the coronavirus outbreak taking center stage, now is the time to take care of your immune system so it can take care of you!

Eliminating added sugar from your diet doesn’t have to be hard.

And you can STILL enjoy a treat now and then.

You just have to get the details on how it’s done.

Reason #2: Get Your Energy Back

Before you write this challenge off as another fleeting diet trend, know we’re in the business of creating sustainable, LASTING habit changes. No crazy detoxes – your body already does that itself every day.

Because here’s the deal… you can get your energy back

Cutting out added sugar can lead to benefits like:

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  • WAY more energy
  • Loss of unwanted fat
  • Lowered inflammation
  • Clearer, glowing skin
  • Mental clarity
  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  • A well-functioning immune system

And we promise — cutting out sugar doesn’t have to be painful or difficult.

Extreme self-quarantine boredom got you stress-eating that box of Little Debbie’s?

We’ve got your back.

Trouble kicking that late-night sweet snack?

Don’t worry — we have alternatives!

Reason #3: Reduce Chronic Stress

Fun fact: Sugar is stressful.

As if you need more stress in your life right now…

Plus, we all know how chronic stress feels.

That overwhelming, wired and tired feeling?

Well, it turns out that even if you control every other stressful factor in your life, the simple act of eating that donut can deplete your energy and nutrient stores and make you less resilient.

On the flipside — happy, stable blood sugar levels give you the energy and physical and mental boost you need to get more done without the Friday evening meltdown.

Here’s what happened when Mike quit sugar…


Mike - Michael Woodside.jpegBefore cutting sugar, my inflammation was out of control – I couldn’t stretch without losing my breath.

When I didn’t have sugar I constantly had headaches (detox), I was majorly addicted to sodas, if I didn’t have a dessert after dinner – I was in a mood.

I knew I had to make a change after my son’s 6th birthday party.

I dressed up as spider man and holy cow, it did not look good.

To top it off, I felt like my body was telling me to make a change when I had a headache during the party until I had a piece of cake.

I went keto on March 4, 2019 and the picture is the transformation. Since cutting the sugar, I have about 10 million times the energy, I have not gotten sick since I started – not even the dreaded coronavirus!

I never have headaches caused by food. My joints and overall inflammation is at an all-time low. I don’t have dessert cravings. I can walk by candy now without the fear of guilt. And most of all – I don’t need it anymore. 

– Mike

Ready to quit sugar?


10 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Sugar

If you’ve been thinking about quitting sugar… we hope these 10 facts helps you pull the trigger.

#1: Eating sugar can weaken your body’s defenses by 75%+ for 4-6 hours.

Did you know that eating sugar can put your white blood cells in a temporary coma?

Yes, seriously.

With the coronavirus outbreak taking center stage, now is the time to power up your immune system – not weaken it.

But most of us are eating WAY too much sugar every day without realizing it.

#2: Nearly 70% of Americans are exceeding the recommended dietary guidelines for added sugar intake each day. 


Most of us are eating WAY too much sugar every day without realizing it. With hidden sugar in a lot of processed foods, it’s no surprise that 70% of Americans eat more than the recommended guidelines daily sugar intake[*].

#3: Eating too much sugar can lead to chronic diseases


  • Weakened immune response[*]
  • Unwanted weight gain[*]
  • Low energy levels[*]
  • Increased risk for heart disease[*]
  • Increased risk for type 2 Diabetes[*]
  • Chronic inflammation[*]
  • Certain skin conditions, like acne[*]
  • Skin sagging and wrinkles[*]
  • Symptoms of depression and other mood disorders[*]

#4: The average American consumes 17 teaspoons of added sugar a day.


The American Heart Association recommends that adult women eat no more than 24 grams (6 teaspoons) of added sugar per day and men no more than 36 grams (9 teaspoons) per day[*]. Oops!

Research shows beverages account for almost half of all added sugars consumed by the U.S. population[*].

#5: More than 70% of packaged foods contain added sugar


Three out of four products you buy at the supermarket will contain added sugars.

So sneaky!

Sugar lurks in unlikely places – like tonic water, sports drinks, condiments, processed meats, sauces, crackers, bread, protein bars, salad dressings, and tomato sauce.

Products with certain health claims, like “diet,” “natural,” or “low-fat,” may still be loaded with sugar (we’ll teach how to understand nutrition labels).

Not only do these sad, but empty calories also add up over time — subtle doses of sugar throughout your day causes brain fog and energy slumps that make it difficult to function at the level you know you’re capable of.

#6. Food companies may reduce the portion size on labels to make products appear to be lower in sugar.

Be careful when you’re reading labels – the small serving sizes can trick you into thinking a product has less sugar than it actually does!

#7. The average can of soda contains about 10 teaspoons of added sugar

Yes, one little can of soda will put you over the daily limit.

If you drink one can of your favorite soda per day, that’s 70 teaspoons of added sugar per week, roughly 300 teaspoons a month and 3,650 teaspoons a year.

That’s enough sugar to fill up two and a half basketballs with sugar.

#8. Sugar consumption can reduce your ability to feel full, making it even easier to eat more of it. 

Eating sugar triggers cravings for even more sugar.

It’s an unhealthy cycle.

#9. Added sugars account on average for almost 270 calories or more than 13% of calories per day in the U.S. population.

Ready to make your trip to the grocery store even more complicated than it already has been?

These common pantry staples are notorious for containing excess sugar:

  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Salad dressing
  • Ketchup
  • Granola bars
  • Frozen meals marketed as “healthy”
  • Yogurt
  • Bread

The good news??

The Perfect Keto No-Sugar Challenge has your back.

#10: There are over 50 different names for sugar (we’ll tell you ALL of them). 


So, what are added sugars and how do you find them?

There are 56 names for added sugar. Here are just a few of them:

  • Agave nectar
  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Crystalline fructose
  • Dextrose
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • Fructose
  • Glucose
  • Maltose
  • Maple syrup
  • Sorghum syrup

Crazy, right?

Don’t worry —  you’ll get the full list with over 40 more names for added sugar when you sign up for this free challenge.

Plus, you’ll learn exactly how to read food labels so you know what to buy without being scared off from all packaged foods.

By the end of the 7 days, you’ll have:

  • A much better understanding of how to naturally boost your immune system
  • Which ingredients to avoid and how to avoid them
  • How to ditch sugar for good without having to cook every meal from scratch
  • How to create a sustainable, no-sugar lifestyle to stay HEALTHY


Ready to quit sugar?


7-Day No-Sugar Challenge: How To Get Started 

Humans sure have made this healthy eating thing more complex than it needs to be….

Packaged foods and restaurants hide excess sugar in just about everything.

This is why most people have a LOT of questions when it comes to making dietary changes.

Things like…

  • What counts as added sugar?
  • What are the best immunity boosting foods?
  • How do I tackle sugar cravings?
  • Can I eat fruit?
  • Will I lose weight?

Well, have we got some answers for you!

We designed this challenge with YOU in mind.

When you sign up for this free challenge, you’ll get:

  • Daily emails and immune-boosting tips from our nutrition experts
  • No-sugar recipes so you can eat the foods you love while still supporting wellness
  • Tips and tricks on how to create LASTING habit change – the best route to a well-functioning immune system
  • Exclusively priced Perfect Keto products – made from nutrient-rich foods like almonds and coconuts that can boost your immunity


Rules of the No-Sugar Challenge

  1. Avoid added sugars of any kind (don’t worry — we’ll show you how to find them)
  2. Natural sugars are ok (like the kind you find in fruits and vegetables)
  3. A select few natural sweeteners, like stevia, are ok (we’ll tell you all of them on day 1 of the challenge!)
  4. Fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods — oh boy…. What does that even mean? You’ll find out!

No Sugar Challenge- Daily Diet Plan

Day 1: Remove Hidden Sugars

You’ll learn exactly how to spot hidden sugars in your favorite meals and snacks. Plus, you’ll learn the difference between natural sugars and harmful added sugars.

You’ll also get a list of expert “snack hacks” so you won’t be tempted to grab that bag of cookies or binge on calorie-dense potato chips.

Day 2

Day 2 is packed with simple recommendations for an optimal morning. You’ll get healthy breakfast ideas, sugar substitutes for your morning cup of joe, and proven ways to plan (and stick to) a healthy morning routine.

Day 3

By now you might be feeling some real sugar withdrawals. Not to worry! Day 3 is here to help you troubleshoot your cravings with 4 simple tips that truly work. Plus, you’ll get access to the list of the top 10 foods that help you fight sugar cravings.

Day 4

Ready for an energy boost that doesn’t involve caffeine or sugar? Day 4 offers a few easy ways to boost energy and productivity — all while practicing social distancing.

Day 5

It’s common for people to reward themselves with food. This is especially prevalent when you’re stuck at home with not much to do. Day 5 is all about introducing some fun into your day with 4 actionable tips on how to have fun n0-sugar style. Hin: It involves pizza and cocktails.

Day 6

And now it’s time for dessert! Sugar-free, keto-friendly desserts, that is. On day 5, you’ll get 60+ dessert ideas to satisfy any craving.

Day 7

On day 7, you’ll receive expert guidance on how to continue your no-sugar journey or the best way to start adding foods back in.

What you’ll find inside the challenge

During the 7 days of the No Sugar Challenge, we’ll share all the tips, tricks, and resources you’ll need to succeed in this journey.

Here are just a few things we’ll cover during the challenge so you can quit added sugar easily:

  • How to eat for immunity
  • How to find and avoid hidden sugars
  • How to snack sugar-free
  • Easy-to-follow recipes and meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Avoiding sugar in your coffee
  • Ways to fight sugar cravings while stuck at home
  • Which natural sweeteners to choose in replace of sugar, sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners
  • How to boost your energy levels and stay productive during self-quarantine
  • How to have fun – even if you’re stuck at home
  • Ways to indulge in your favorite treats without loading up on sugar
  • What to do after the No Sugar Challenge

Health Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Life is sweeter without sugar. And so are the health benefits.

Here’s what can happen when you reduce sugar:

Stronger immune response

Sugar cuts your immune response in half for up to five hours after you eat it[*].

When you eat less sugar, your immune system stays strong, keeping you safe from harmful viruses and bacteria.

Reduced inflammation

Sugar causes low-level inflammation across your body and brain, which can leave you feeling bad all day[*]. Cutting sugar out will turn off inflammation and keep your body strong.

Clearer complexion

Sugar ramps up your skin’s oil production, which can block your pores and cause acne[*].

Want clearer skin? Ditch the sugar.

Healthier weight

Eating a low-sugar diet is a great way to slim down.

Studies show that sugar links to rapid weight gain and can blunt your insulin response, which hurts your metabolism[*].

More energy

Say goodbye to sugar crashes! When you eat less sugar, your energy levels will stay far more stable, all day long[*].

Improved sleep quality

You’ll even sleep better on a low-sugar diet.

People who eat a lot of sugar consistently report lower sleep quality, as well as trouble falling asleep[*].

Improved brain function

Sugar causes brain inflammation that can leave you feeling foggy all day[*].

You’ll be amazed by how clear-headed you feel after a few days without sugar.

Better nutrition

Trade those empty calories for real food! You’ll feel better (and you may even lose weight!).

Healthier teeth

Sugar feeds the bad bacteria that cause plaque buildup on your teeth[*]. Cutting back on the sweets will keep your dental health strong.

Improved heart health

Even your heart is healthier without sugar. Added sugars increase your risk for heart attack and diabetes[*]. If you’ve ever had trouble staying on track with a diet because of your sweet tooth, then this challenge is for you.


The first secret to lasting, healthy change?

Get your family on board – share this challenge so all of your loved ones can better protect themselves against illnesses like COVID-19.

Simply send them the link to this page and do the challenge together.

As they say, friends that cut sugar together, stay together.

No Sugar Challenge FAQS

What foods should I avoid?

Avoid added sugars and refined carbs of any kind. This includes candies, pastries, ice cream, and soft drinks. Added sugars are also hidden in many packaged foods like milk products, granola bars, yogurt, cereal, pasta sauce, salad dressing, condiments, wine, beer, and even bread. During the challenge, you will learn how to read ingredient lists and identify hidden sugar on food labels.

Can I eat fruit? 

Yes! Fresh fruits are No Sugar Challenge approved because they contain natural sugars, but no ADDED sugar.

Can I drink alcohol?

You can drink alcohol mindfully as long as you know what to avoid, like beer and most mixers, including tonic water and fruit juices. You can enjoy some hard liquors and dry red wines in moderation. We will spend a whole day covering this in the No Sugar Challenge.

What about carbs?

This challenge focuses solely on ADDED sugars. So eating carbs during the No Sugar Challenge is ok, as long as they are whole carbs, like veggies, fresh fruit, and whole grains. Not refined, sugary carbs you find in packaged and processed foods.

Will reducing added sugars help me lose weight?

One of the benefits of reducing added sugars may be weight loss. Whoo-hoo! In fact, in some cases, it could take as little as 9 days to notice a difference. During the challenge, you will learn about all the possible health benefits you may experience as you cut back on added sugar.

We created the 7-Day No Sugar Challenge with YOU in mind.

Our goal is to make cutting out added sugar and improving health easier for you.

You’ll get daily, personalized emails each day, helpful resources that will show you how to identify and avoid added sugar, delicious recipes and food alternatives that will curb your cravings, access to discounted Perfect Keto products with no added sugar to support your goals, awesome health benefits and more.

It’s time to change your body and mind. It’s time to feel the difference.


Sign me up for the 7- Day No Sugar Challenge


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