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She Lost 130lbs. in 13 Months


At 27 years old, Angela was struggling with her weight. 

“I was extremely unhealthy,” she says. “I devoured everything in sight. Before I started keto, I weighed 355 pounds at 27 years old.”

When Angela’s weight began affecting her daily life, she committed to making a change.

“I started to not be able to walk with my coworkers to get lunch without my lower back hurting. On work trips, I was the only one that needed a seatbelt extender [to fly]. I became embarrassed to be around people and larger crowds…I was miserable, carb overloaded, and knew that I needed to change.”

Angela had tried diets before, but nothing worked for her long-term. She finally reached out to a professional for help.

“After doing lots of research and meeting with a nutritionist, we decided that [keto] was the best option.”

It was with keto that everything finally clicked for Angela. It enabled her to lose weight sustainably in a way that no other diet had. 

“I’ve lost 130 pounds in 13 months!” 

That’s a staggering 37% of Angela’s starting bodyweight lost in a single year. And, she says, the benefits extended far beyond weight loss. 

“While being on keto I’ve noticed so many positive changes in my life. Not only am I dropping all this weight, but I also notice how much more energy I have and how clear my mind is. Before I would be exhausted after lunch. Now, with eating high-quality fats, I have so much energy.”

angela keto success

Angela’s Keto Success

Major lifestyle changes are never easy. Angela had to adjust both physically and mentally. 

“It was really hard to face the reality of eating fats!” she says. “Our entire lives we are told to eat low-fat items. For me, it was crazy to think I needed to add grass-fed butter to my coffee or extra olive oil to my salad.

“When I started, I was not eating enough fats. I was still pretty hungry and was not losing weight as fast as I should have. Once I started eating the proper amount of fat, I was no longer hungry and started dropping weight. Imagine that: eating fat and losing weight!!”

Along with eating plenty of fat and cutting out carbs, Angela has incorporated intermittent fasting. She also learned that she does best when she has a keto snack within reach at all times. 

“I am a huge fan of the Perfect Keto bars. They are a literal life-saver for me. They have such clean ingredients and taste amazing. Great on the go.”

Thank you, Angela, for sharing your story with us — and a HUGE congratulations on your extraordinary weight loss and health gains. 

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