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Brian Stanton

Brian Stanton is the author of Keto Intermittent Fasting, a certified health coach, and a health writer with over 150 articles in publications including Observer, Paleo Magazine, and the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Teaching Education. He is the founder of, a website devoted to helping people overcome chronic gut issues. Learn more about Brian at, or email him at [email protected].  

Education: Economics, Politics - Maastricht University; Psychology - West Chester University of Pennsylvania; BS Finance major with honors in management - Schreyer Honors College at Penn State
Books: Keto Intermittent Fasting

What’s the Best Cluster Headache Diet?

Cluster headache is a headache disorder involving clusters of severe headaches. Can a keto diet treat cluster headache? Learn what a 2018 study found.

Is SlimFast Keto? Diet Facts and Review

On the SlimFast diet, you eat meal replacement shakes and 100-calorie snacks. Does this low-calorie diet work for weight loss, and is it healthy? Find out.

8 Science-Backed Steps to Habit Change

Habit change means changing bad habits into positive new habits. This article shares eight science-backed steps to form new habits and break old ones.

9 Proven Ways To Improve Memory at Any Age

Improving memory -- and mitigating the memory loss linked to Alzheimer’s and aging -- are worthwhile goals. Here are 9 science-backed ways to improve memory.

Is Stevia Keto? What The Science Says

Stevia is a natural, zero-calorie sweetener with health benefits. Discover how stevia compares to other sweeteners and whether it's good for a keto diet.

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