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C8 MCT Oil: A Powerful Fat-Burning Energy Source


Do you want more energy to power through your busy days? Taking C8 MCT oil as part of a healthy keto diet might be what you need.

Higher energy levels are one reason people gravitate toward the ketogenic diet in the first place. By switching your body’s primary energy source from quick-burning carbs and sugar to healthy fats, many people experience heightened metabolism, a decrease in brain fog, increased energy, and other benefits.

And there may be a supplement that can assist your fat-burning efforts: C8 MCT oil, one of the most efficient energy sources on the planet.

Learn about all the benefits of MCT oil — and how it can help improve your health.

Why You Should Care About MCT Oil

If you’re not already familiar, medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a form of saturated fatty acids. When inside your body, MCTs create ketones, which are simply energy molecules. Your goal on a keto diet is to enter a state of ketosis — i.e., get your body to raise its blood ketone levels on its own[*].

These potent molecules become a readily available energy source that can help you burn calories while giving both your brain and body the boost it needs to power through your day.

Where Can Medium-Chain Triglycerides Be Found?

These powerhouses of energy are extracted from whole foods such as coconut and palm oil. They’re then turned into a more usable form, such as MCT oil or MCT oil powder.

Once ingested, MCTs turn into ketones, which are a better source of fuel than glucose. But what does “better” mean, exactly?

  • MCTs are more bioavailable than other fuel sources. Since they don’t rely on other enzymes for absorption, your body can use the fuel almost instantly. This cuts down on your spikes and dips in energy to provide a steady stream of motivation all day[*].
  • There’s no fat storage of MCTs. Unlike other sources of energy like glucose, you won’t have to worry about storing these MCTs as fat for later. Instead, these molecules turn into usable ketones (read: more energy)[*].
  • MCTs are far less reactive. As compared to glucose molecules, ketones don’t produce nearly as many reactive molecules, which helps ensure your metabolism isn’t always under attack and functions the way it should[*].

In short, MCTs will enhance your body’s thermogenesis, or your body’s ability to burn calories.

This metabolic process helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight once you reach your target. You’ll also experience a high-calorie burn for a low-calorie investment, which is another huge perk of using MCT oil[*].

While a low-calorie food that also helps you burn more calories and provides energy seems too good to be true, the benefits don’t stop there.

As you may have seen in this guide to MCT oil benefits, adding an MCT oil supplement to your diet can also contribute to the following health benefits[*][*][*][*]:

  • Improved mental clarity and cognitive health, even preventing Alzheimer’s
  • Better heart health
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Enhanced exercise performance

4 Types of MCT Oil 

Now, before you run out and buy the first MCT oil you find, there’s one more thing to consider.

There are four different types of medium-chain triglycerides in MCT oil, each one varying by its carbon length:

  • Caproic Acid, or C6 MCT oil (six carbons)
  • Caprylic Acid, or C8 MCT oil (eight carbons)
  • Capric Acid, or C10 MCT oil (10 carbons)
  • Lauric Acid, or C12 MCT oil (12 carbons)

The shorter the carbon chain (6 carbons vs. 12 carbons, for instance), the less work it takes your body to process and utilize the energy. For example, lauric acid has 12 carbons and takes longer to process than caprylic acid, which has six.

Following this logic, the more efficient energy options would be caproic acid, or C6, and pure caprylic acid, C8.

But C6’s taste and smell are not for the faint of heart. It’s also not the most easily digestible. C6 MCTs may give you some unwanted upsets like bloating, cramping, and diarrhea if you have a sensitive stomach or take too much at once.

So what can you do instead? Consider taking C8 MCT oil.

What’s Special About C8 MCT Oil?

The benefits of using MCT oil are hard to ignore. But it’s all about picking the right one for your body.

What’s so great about C8 specifically? For one, the shorter carbon chain means your body will spend less time and energy converting MCT molecules into ketones.

Instead of spending time processing in the liver, the C8 molecules are quickly transformed and ready to use. Once ingested, it doesn’t take long for your body to feel the effects.

All of this means you’ll reap the positive benefits that much faster.

MCTs have been shown to offer the following benefits:

  • Better gut and cognitive health. A pure C8 MCT oil comes packed with potent antimicrobial properties that can help you keep harmful bacteria in check while still maintaining a healthy gut balance. If you improve your gut health, you have a better chance to experience greater mental alertness and memory[*].
  • Satiation after meals for much longer. Healthy fats like MCTs curb cravings and help you reach that full feeling much sooner, two things that can aid in weight loss.
  • Prevent and treat diabetes. MCTs have also been studied for their insulin-regulating properties, which can help prevent and treat type 2 diabetes[*].
  • Improve your exercise performance. One study confirmed that when cyclists consumed MCTs during their two-hour endurance ride, they improved their overall performance times[*].

There’s one more question you’re probably asking: Doesn’t coconut oil contain MCTs?

The short answer is yes, you will find MCTs in coconut oil. But 100% C8 MCT oil is much better.

Why Pure C8 MCT Oil Is Better Than Coconut Oil

The difference between C8 and coconut oil comes down to two factors:

  1. The concentration of MCTs
  2. The chemical makeup of the oil

While coconut oil boasts a whopping 55% MCTs, pure MCT oils come in at 100%. And that’s not the only key difference.

When looking at their chemical makeup, coconut oil is comprised of all four medium-chain fatty acids, just like MCT oil. But the balance is slightly different — coconut contains mostly lauric acid (C12) and a smaller combination of caproic (C6), caprylic (C8), and capric acid (C10).

The problem is one of those sources (lauric acid) is an inefficient energy source. Since it’s made of 12 carbon molecules, it takes longer to process. Meanwhile, MCTs like C6, C8, and C10 are absorbed at a rate similar to glucose[*].

MCTs are also more available in the bloodstream for energy than lauric acid. One study found that after consumption of MCTs and LCTs (long-chain triglycerides)[*]:

  • C10 was 1.7 times more concentrated in the blood than C12[*]
  • C8 was 2.5 times more concentrated in the blood than C12[*]
  • C6 was 3.5 times more concentrated in the blood than C12[*]

On the other hand, MCT oils take efficiency in the opposite direction. MCT oil is made of mostly C6 and C8, the two most usable energy options of the four for your body. This means that with pure C8 MCT oil you’ll be able to burn body fat faster than you would with coconut oil.

How to Use C8 MCT Oil

Unlike C6 MCTs, a pure C8 MCT oil such as Perfect Keto’s 100% Pure MCT Oil will be both odorless and tasteless.

This makes it super easy to add C8 to virtually anything on your daily menu, including:

  • Your morning coffee. C8 makes the perfect boost to your buttery boosted coffee.
  • Pre- and post-workout shakes and smoothies. Improve your performance by adding one serving size of MCTs to your pre- and post-workout drinks. You’ll have the energy you need to power through your workout.
  • Salad dressings. Go ahead and use MCT oil with your dressings. Replace your avocado or olive oil with C8 to get a dose of energy at lunchtime.
  • Baking recipes. That same no-taste characteristic makes C8 another great option to add to anything you’re baking. This turns any keto-friendly recipe into a fat-burning energy bomb.
  • Keto-friendly sweets. Include C8 MCT oil in your keto-friendly vices like these chocolate bars to give them an added boost.
  • Snacks and more. Because of its versatility, you can use C8 MCT oil to help create a satiating mid-afternoon snack. Add it to water, an iced matcha latte, or chug a spoonful and chase it with a raspberry.

Try C8 MCT Oil for an Added Energy Boost

Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, are recognized as being a highly efficient fuel source for your body. There are four different types of MCTs, but C8 MCT oil provides the most health benefits.

Supplementing with C8 MCT oil can potentially improve mental clarity, energy levels, and fat loss. However, when selecting a C8 oil supplement, be sure to choose one that is 100% pure MCTs.

Perfect Keto 100% Pure MCT Oil is made up of pure, high-quality MCTs, helping you get the most concentrated dosage of C8 MCTs. Add it to your coffee, pre-workout smoothie, or even your salad dressings to enjoy the benefits.


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