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KetoCaNa Vs. Perfect Keto


There are five considerations to make when choosing exogenous ketones:

  • Does it contain beta-hydroxybutyrate (and how much)?
  • What are the ingredients, and are they clean (or are there unnecessary or unhealthy preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners)?
  • What does it taste like (delicious, palatable, or disgusting)?
  • Are there any adverse effects from active ingredients or additives??
  • Does it fit in my budget?

To make the most of your supplements, you have to choose a brand that ticks all these boxes. In this guide, you’re going to learn how Perfect Keto compares to Ketosport KetoCaNa ketones.

Before the product analyses, we’ll begin with a quick refresher on what exogenous ketones are and what they do.

What Are Exogenous Ketones?

How Exogenous Ketones Work

Exogenous ketones are dietary supplements that are made to increase blood ketone levels.

Ketones are compounds that are naturally produced by your body when you restrict carbohydrate intake causing the body to burn fat for energy. Ketone bodies are an efficient energy source for most body organs including the brain, heart, and muscles.

But the benefits of taking exogenous ketone bodies go beyond energy. They can also recreate some of the remarkable health benefits of a ketogenic diet like improved mental clarity, weight loss, and controlling appetite and cravings.

Perfect Keto ketones and KetoCaNa are both exogenous ketone supplements from well-known brands. In the following sections, you’ll learn how the two ketone products compare against each other.

What is KetoCaNa?

KetoCaNa is an exogenous ketone supplement made by keto supplement company Ketosports. Ketosports is an Illinois-based sports supplement company specializing in keto products.

The ketones are calcium and sodium-based hence the name KetoCaNa. (Ca – symbol for Calcium, Na – symbol for sodium)

The product comes in three flavors:

  • Orange
  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Fruit punch

Ketosports offers two sizes for the product: 305 g with 16 servings and 610 g for 32 servings. The 16-serving container costs $54.99, slightly higher than the industry average which ranges from $35 to $45.

What Are Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones?

Perfect Keto exogenous ketones are made by Perfect Keto, a company based in Austin, Texas that specializes in making a wide range of ketogenic products, including supplements and snacks designed to support a low-carb or keto lifestyle.

Perfect Keto ketones are designed to provide you with energy, curb appetite between meals and during fasting, ease keto-transition symptoms, and elevate your blood ketone levels, potentially reaching ketosis.

These ketones come in five different flavors:

KetoCaNa vs. Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones

Perfect Keto vs. KetoCaNa: Which Exogenous Ketones Work Best?


Both Perfect Keto and KetoCaNa promise a product that’s made with high-quality ingredients. Here’s how they compare.

KetoCaNa Ingredients

The ingredients for KetoCaNa are as follows:

  • Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Citric acid
  • Natural Flavors
  • Stevia

The ingredient list shows that KetoCaNa is made with all-natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives or fillers. Points to them for making good on their promise.

Perfect Keto ingredients

Like other Perfect Keto products, Perfect Keto ketones are made with natural clean ingredients with no fillers or substitutes. The ingredients for Perfect Keto’s Chocolate Base ketones are:

  • BHB ketones
  • Natural flavors
  • Stevia extract
  • Monk fruit extract
  • Calcium
  • Sea salt

KetoCaNa Vs. Perfect Keto Ingredients Summary

Both KetoCaNa and Perfect Keto are made with high quality and quantity of BHB salts. The products are both free of animal by-products, soy, dairy, gluten, and carbohydrates.

The most notable difference between the two is citric acid in KetoCaNa.

In small doses, citric acid is safe. However, rarely, it may cause some side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea in a few individuals.

Another difference is the type of electrolytes used to produce the ketone salts in each product. Electrolytes are vital on keto as they offer many health benefits like better hydration and blood pressure control.

KetoCaNa uses only calcium and sodium salts, while Perfect Keto uses sodium, calcium, and magnesium.

At Perfect Keto, we choose to include magnesium because it’s an important mineral for body health with benefits like improving physical performance, reducing water retention, and regulating blood pressure.

KetoCaNa also has a very high sodium content. One serving of KetoCaNa contains 1.3 g of sodium, 56% of your daily limit. Sodium is an essential mineral for the body but in high amounts may result in water retention or worse, high blood pressure for sensitive individuals.


According to customer reviews, feelings about KetoCaNa’s taste are mixed, with orange standing out as the most popular.

Most customers write that Perfect Keto Ketones have a pleasant taste even when mixed with water. Unlike most exogenous ketones, these ketones do not have a bitter aftertaste to them.

They have a pleasant sweet taste without using any added sugar. Instead, they use natural sweeteners, stevia and monk fruit.

Side effects

It’s not uncommon for supplements to cause side effects. Some of the common side effects of exogenous ketones include:

  • GI (gastrointestinal) distress
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

For the most part, these side effects usually occur temporarily in individuals who have never taken ketones before. You can try taking them with a meal or in smaller doses to reduce these issues.

Customers of most brands have occasionally reported these symptoms after starting using the ketones. However, some users of KetoCaNa have reported that their GI distress persisted even after a while on the supplement, which may be due to the high sodium content.


Both products are reasonably priced but KetoCaNa costs significantly more than Perfect Keto ketones.

A 15-serving container of Perfect Keto costs $39.99 while a 16 serving container of KetoCaNa costs $54.99. Per serving, Perfect Keto costs $2.67 while KetoCaNa costs $3.44 (a 28% difference in price).


KetoCaNa has many positive reviews, most of which are praising its ability to provide energy, promote weight loss, and keto-adaptation.

Some of those positive reviews include:

  • “The KetoForce works wonders for my wife who has Hypothyroidism and is now on a Low Carb diet and helps with that Push to get over the hump on her 12 hr shifts.”
  • “I really cannot say enough about this supplement.  It truly works as advertised, but until you experience it, there really are no words to describe the amazing feeling of never getting tired.”
  • “We LOVE being in the ketogenic state and want all competitors to feel the benefits of  it. This product has helped us tons!  BOTH of us [have] had a hard time getting into a ketogenic state.  NOW we know what this product can do!  We LOVE it!!”

On the flip side, some reviews on Amazon mention an unpleasant taste and GI distress symptoms.

  • Mario says, “Didn’t like the taste, too tart.”
  • Shanell says, “Took as instructed. My stomach was upset all day.”
  • According to Nick: “Made me super nauseous even at smaller doses.”

Here’s what customers say about Perfect Keto::

  • Kevin D says, “This is a great on-the-go, quick way to help stay in Ketosis. It’s great for a pre-workout supplement. I also like to use it throughout the day for extra energy and focus. I highly recommend this product, especially if you are just starting your ketogenic journey.”
  • Michelle says, “I love the taste of this without all the unwanted ingredients, and the energy boost you get from it is an added bonus!”
  • Rachelle says, “Great! Love this base! It tastes great and curbs my hunger. It’s my favorite so far.”
  • “Okay. I tend to prefer less sweet flavors and I have trouble finding those products. While I enjoy the Salted Caramel flavor, this powder tastes too sweet to me, and I’m still using only about a quarter scoop at a time.”
  • “It’s a good product and does what it says. I’m not a big fan of the taste. It’s not bad in coffee, but I don’t like it with anything else. I will purchase again for the benefits. It makes me feel great and gets me in ketosis fast.”

Still undecided? Check out the wrap-up summary in the next section to help guide your purchasing decision.

KetoCaNa Vs. Perfect Keto ketones: Summary

Perfect Keto vs. KetoCaNa: Why take exogenous ketones?

It’s safe to say that KetoCaNa and Perfect Keto ketones are comparable products in many ways. Both are made with high-quality ingredients, receive praise from most customers for their taste, and are keto-friendly.

Based on the criteria of BHB content, ingredient quality, flavor, adverse effects, and value, KetoCaNa is an above-average supplement.

However, the customer complaints on the side effects of KetoCaNa are hard to ignore. Even if KetoCaNa was effective in boosting your energy levels and helping you reach a state of ketosis, GI discomfort is a high price to pay. Individuals sensitive to upset stomach, GI effects, or sodium may wish to pass on this offering.

In addition, the price for the ketones may be a little pricey for most supplement budgets at 28% higher than the competition.

Perfect Keto exogenous ketone base, we believe, wins out overall. It contains high amounts of BHB, tastes great, contains no preservatives or fillers, is easy on the gut, and suits any dietary lifestyle.

If you’re in the market for high-quality exogenous ketones that provide (and enhance) many of the health benefits of going keto, try one of our five flavors and experience them yourself.

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