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“I Lost 20 Pounds In The First Month”


His journey started in April 2017, when he was 305 pounds. His first child had just turned seven months old.

“I did not have the energy to do the standard things a dad should,” he says. “I took a look in the mirror and did the same thing I typically do every year: I told myself I was going to lose the weight.”

>“I had tried all the other diets…this time was different.”
Resolutions often have a hard time sticking, but this resolution did.

“I had already tried ALL the other diets (spoiler alert: they didn’t work)…This time was different. I had a buddy who was trying keto…after some research and dedication, I started out by losing 20 pounds In the first month.”

For Anonymous, this marked the beginning of a huge transformation.

Success Story .png

Keto Success Story

After such a successful first month — 20 pounds lost — he was motivated to try new things and make sure his weight loss continued.

“I started to experiment with things like keto coffee and Perfect Keto bars for times when I was on the go…[I lost] 10 pounds the next month and had energy and was sleeping better.”

But during this time, he ran into a challenge.

“[I got] resistance from everyone. Friends, family, strangers. Most difficult was my

wife. She is a firm believer in low fat, calorie restriction, carbs, grains, etc.”

“I have now helped 10+ other people lose 200+ pounds themselves.”
Fortunately, results don’t lie, and his results were extraordinary.

“At the 10-month mark, I stopped losing fat at 80 pounds lost. I started to incorporate intentional exercise to lose the final 20 pounds.

“Once people saw me after my 100-lb. weight loss, they were all of a sudden asking me for help. I have now helped 10+ other people lose 200+ pounds themselves. [Despite all the resistance], I turned the negativity into a positive platform.”

For the last 18 months, Anonymous has maintained his weight at 205 pounds. He feels better than ever. It’s not just the weight, either. He’s seen massive gains in his fitness, as well as his confidence.

“I can sleep and go upstairs without panting,” he says. “I can play with my daughter. I can sit in a warm room without sweating. I can engage with people in conversation while making eye contact.”

Anonymous closed with some positive words about Perfect Keto.

“The Keto Answers Podcast has helped me a ton. I listen to it often during my

2-hour daily commute to work. The MCT powder helped me early on to get my fats in. The Perfect Keto bars have helped a ton when [I need] something on the go. Like traveling through an airport. There are never healthy options.

“I also love ‘The Feed’ emails from Dr. Gustin. They have a ton of great thought leadership without excessive product promotion. It helps [me] take the content seriously.”

Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing your story! Most importantly, from our team at Perfect Keto, here’s a huge CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss and health gains.

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Keto Success Stories are shared by our readers and customers in their own words. The keto diet and any nutrition advice found on this blog are not meant as a medical intervention, advice, or diagnosis. If you’re interested in trying a new diet, supplement, or lifestyle change, please speak with your doctor or another qualified healthcare provider. As with any diet or lifestyle protocol, individual results may vary.


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