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“I Lost More Than 100 Pounds”


For years, Mayra struggled with her health.

“I was overweight,” she says. “[I was] in pain daily, no energy, unhappy…I had tried [different diets] but nothing worked.”

That all changed in October of 2018. Mayra had gotten engaged a few months earlier, and she decided that by the time she was standing at the altar, she wanted to look and feel better than she ever had.

“I was in pain daily, no energy, unhappy…I had tried [different diets] but nothing worked.
“A friend was doing keto and he looked amazing,” she says. “I decided to try it.”

Mayra started keto on October 7th, 2018. Just over a year later, she’s made extraordinary progress.

“I’ve lost 108 lbs. since I started my keto journey,” Mayra says, and it shows. She looks incredible, but the change is more than skin deep. “I’m able to move easily now, I can keep up with my children, and confidence is high now.”

Mayra’s Keto Success Story

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Mayra’s keto journey hasn’t always been easy.

“I was addicted to carbs and sugars,” she says. “I’m a social eater. My family likes to get together and there’s usually a HUGE amount of carbs involved.”

But with a sense of purpose driving her, Mayra has managed to stick to her goals. “I had to be strong and remember it was for a better me.”

I can keep up with my children and my confidence is high now.”
Mayra has also developed strategies to prevent carb cravings and stay keto in the face of temptation.

“I LOVE the Perfect Keto Base. I can’t have my high-fat coffee without it.”

She also doesn’t beat herself up when she strays. Change takes time, and the occasional indulgence hasn’t stopped Mayra from making incredible progress in improving her health.

“If I do cheat and get kicked out of ketosis, I know that Perfect Keto is there to help me get back on track!” she says.

Mayra, here’s a massive congratulations from the Perfect Keto team, and a big thank you for sharing your story! Your progress inspires us to keep doing what we do and we’re grateful to be a part of your journey.

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