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“My Body Doesn’t Ache Anymore”


Eight months ago, Michelle was struggling with her health. 

“I was tired all the time, overweight, and depressed,” she says. 

“The keto way of life just made more sense to me.”
Michelle had tried other diets, but nothing seemed to work for her long-term. She often struggled because of her celiac disease — she couldn’t eat any gluten, and other diets left her feeling restricted. 

Fortunately, Michelle found keto, and it’s been working very well for her. 

“I wanted to make a change for weight loss, initially,” she says. “[But now] my body doesn’t ache anymore and I have so much more energy! …The keto way of life just [makes] sense to me.” 

keto success story

Michelle’s Keto Success Story

Improving your health takes dedication — making any kind of positive change in your life means overcoming challenges. 

Michelle had a few stumbling blocks during her switch to keto, but looking at her results, it’s safe to say she figured out how to make keto work for her. 

“[I struggled with] keto flu at first,” Michelle says. The first couple weeks of keto were hard for her: she had low energy, fatigue, and trouble concentrating as her body shifted away from burning sugar and began burning fat for fuel. 

But Michelle stuck with it, researching how to get rid of keto flu and going on to find a way of eating that has worked for her long-term. 

“I have been able to lose 30 pounds so far.”
 “I investigated all things keto and ordered Perfect Keto’s products, such as the MCT Oil Powder for my coffee, then the Keto Collagen for my skin, hair, and nails…I also enjoy the Keto Bars with my afternoon coffee. 

“Because of this preparation, I have been able to lose 30 pounds so far.  It has helped my hair, nails, skin, and energy!”

Michelle, a big congratulations on your transformation. You look amazing — and more importantly, you feel amazing. Here’s to your health and your amazing success with keto! 

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