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When and How to Use Perfect Keto Micronutrient Greens Powder


Regardless if you are eating a ketogenic diet or not, most of us want to be healthy and feel healthy. We are bombarded with marketing claims on food products touting different vitamins and minerals, but what the heck are they anyways? And what’s the best way to get them?

Vitamin definition: Any group of organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body.

Key points:

a) They are essential – which means we have to have them.
b) We can’t make them – which means we have to get them.

The best way to get your micronutrient nutrition is via whole foods and not a multivitamin. The truth is, when you take a multivitamin, you are getting many synthetic forms of nutrients and in amounts that do not represent whole foods. These different amounts of different nutrients typically don’t represent what you’d get in real foods and can actually end up being problematic.

When and How to Use Keto Micro Greens

Enter: Greens Powders. These are products that take whole foods and condense them into powdered form, maintaining as many vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients as possible. Getting the full spectrum and all of the nutrition we know of (and don’t know of) in the plants, is why a greens powder can be much more powerful than a multivitamin.

The Purpose of Perfect Keto Micro Greens Powder

Our main goal at Perfect Keto is to help make a quality ketogenic diet accessible to everyone. One of the toughest parts of keto is that it cuts out lots of starchy fruits and vegetables that are high in carbohydrates. However, they are also packed with nutrients! Keto Micro Greens is the solution to getting enough nutrition from produce while eating a low carb ketogenic diet.

What is in Keto Micro Greens?

Quite a bit. The short answer is 14 servings of 22 different fruits and vegetables, plus MCT fats for absorption. 14 serving is a massive amount of nutrition.

Longer answer:

Greens and Veggie Blend: 4.5 grams of raw and organic greens and vegetables from 12 plants that provide all of the phytonutrients with none of the waste. We cold process all of our plant matter to retain as many nutrients as humanly possible.

Berry and Fruit Blend: 4.5 grams of raw and organic berries and fruits from 10 different sources. We use a wide variety of the most nutrient-dense berries to complement the greens so that you get a great representation of phytonutrients.

MCT Powder: 3.5 grams. We use fat from coconut oil to absorb many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in plants. MCT is also readily accessible by your brain and tissues for energy, unlike other fats that need to be processed by the liver.

Liver Support Enzymes: These are to help you package and deliver the nutrients to where they need to go. Without this, you would waste a lot of the benefit and micronutrients of the product.

Digestive Enzymes: How does your body break down the plant nutrients so that your liver can pack them up and deliver them? With different digestive enzymes. Again, these digestive enzymes are there so your body can properly assimilate and use every little bit of nutrition.

Reishi mushroom: A very powerful compound that is known to decrease inflammation, fatigue, skin disorders and anxiety. We used reishi mushroom for the immune regulatory effects as well as the function of liver detox and support.

Inositol: Naturally occurring in plants such as cantaloupe and oranges, inositol helps in nerve conduction (brain power), fat breakdown and insulin regulation.

Even a micronutrient powder wouldn’t be complete without talking about the macronutrients in the product. One scoop of Keto Micro Green is,

  • 40 Calories
  • 3.5g Fat
  • 1g Protein
  • 1g Carbohydrate

User’s Guide Keto Micro Greens

Using a greens powder might be brand new for some of us, but it’s really simple. It’s designed to replace your multi-vitamin, and you can treat it as such! 🙂

When and How to Use Keto Micro Greens

Who Can Use Micro Greens

People who would benefit from Keto Micro Greens include anyone who:

  • Craves more real food based nutrients
  • Wants less inflammation
  • Desires more energy
  • Wants to recover from workouts quicker
  • Doesn’t eat enough fruits or vegetables
  • Doesn’t have access to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Gets sick often or feels like they are getting sick
  • Works a lot with people who may be sick
  • Travels frequently

When to Take Keto Micro Greens

Anytime of day

  • Keto Micro Greens is what a multivitamin should be, and its designed for those on a low-carb ketogenic diet. Take it whenever it is convenient to you, morning, noon, or night.

Before/During Exercise

  • Many people add it to their pre or post workout for convenience and flavor

Traveling or when you need a health boost

  • Keto Micro Greens contains everything you need to digest and absorb all of the micronutrients in the product. This means you can take it any time of day, with or without food. It recommended that you take Keto Micro Greens once a day just like when you know you should be eating your vegetables. If you’re traveling a lot, getting sick, or feel like you’re exposed to more inflammation, bump it to two scoops a day.

Why Perfect Keto Greens Powder

There are plenty of greens powders on the market. Some have carbs, some have fats, some have similar ingredients, but there is a reason we felt compelled to make a micronutrient product – a greens powder that truly mimicked real food just didn’t exist. As you compare what’s out there, here’s what to notice that is special to Keto Micro Greens,

MCT Powder – Many of the nutrients in plants can only be delivered through your bloodstream in the presence of fats.

Liver & Digestive Enzymes – Greens powders are very dense sources of plant material and nutrition. We packed in some liver and digestive enzymes to help your body maximize the amount of nutrition you can handle at any given time.

Plant Diversity – We use 22 different vegetables AND fruits to be able to have a robust complement of nutrition. When you have a greens powder that is just a few different leafy greens, you are skipping out on a massive spectrum of vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients that you should be seeking.

Raw and Organic – All of our plants are raw and organic, which is important when you are taking in so many potential servings of plant nutrition.

Plant Nutrition – We’ve created our product with trying to pack as much nutrition in every serving as possible. Each scoop of Keto Micro Green is 14 servings of raw and organic fruits and vegetables. Imagine all that laid out on the kitchen counter!

No Fillers or Artificial Anything – Many “greens” or food products are stuffed with artificial compounds. This includes artificial sweeteners, flavorings, mixing agents, flow agents and compounds that do not add to your health. We never use any artificial anything.

Summary – Keto Micro Greens

A properly made greens powder can combat inflammation and provide your body with nutrition and energy like no other supplement and it’s better than a fish oil or multivitamin.

Keto Micro Greens is:

  • 22 different plants
  • All plant material used is raw and organic
  • Free of potential allergens like soy, dairy, or egg
  • Made via cold processing so all nutrients are intact
  • Great to use whatever time of day, with or without food
  • Accompanied with fats from coconut (MCT powder) to help with absorption

Keto Micro Greens is for those who:

  • Want less inflammation
  • Crave more energy
  • Travel or who are always on the go
  • Are on a ketogenic diet and need more nutrients from produce

We hope it will do great things for you! 🙂


15 thoughts on “When and How to Use Perfect Keto Micronutrient Greens Powder

    1. Hi Casey! Perfect Keto Micronutrient Powder is currently available on Amazon but will be up on the Perfect Keto website next week 🙂 Kindly click the Amazon link so you can stock up now!

  1. I purchased this on Amazon about a month ago. It says on your site and on Amazon that there is MCT powder in this, but my jar of powder does *not* list MCT powder anywhere on its list of supplement facts. Is that an error or did this product initially not include MCT powder?

    1. Hello Molly! Sorry MCT wasn’t included on your label; that was an error. Our Micronutrient Greens Powder does contain MCT Oil Powder. Kindly check this link to see the product details. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tina! Sorry to hear that. Oranges aren’t used in the actual blend, but the natural orange flavor is derived from real oranges. Don’t worry, Micro Greens is also available in lemon flavor. Try it and let us know what you think about this flavor.

  2. This product contains MCT oil and I already use the keto collagen that also has MCT, would using both be TOO much MCT? would that stall weight loss?

    1. Hey Carol, this product has 5g of MCT per serving so it would just depend on your tolerance and how much you are using at one time. I would recommend starting with half a scoop of each and assess from there.

  3. Hi,
    Can you tell me if micronutrient greens powder, exogenous ketones base or Keto Collagen break your fast? I noticed their all over 30 calories though the greens seem a vitamin. Could you please advise?

  4. This sounds great and definitely something I need BUT…can you really have the MCT oil powder (in my coffee) the collegian powder and the exogenous powder all in the same day? Would that be too much MCT oil?

    1. Hi Kristi, you can use the base, MCT and Keto Collagen powder all in one day. You can take the MCT when you need more fat, the collagen when you need more protein and the base when you want to boost your ketone levels. But, this will still depend on your dietary needs and goals. How much you take is up to you and your diet.

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