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Keto Greens Powder

Micronutrient Greens Powder replaces your multivitamin and gives you a low carb, keto-friendly method of getting those incredibly important micronutrients in a bioavailable way.

Keto Greens
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5 Things to Know About Keto Greens

1. Micronutrients are just as important as macronutrients and are often neglected on any diet.

2. Keto Greens is loaded with micronutrients including micronutrients from sources of food you wouldn’t eat on a Keto Diet (i.e. fruit)

3. Keto Greens contains 5g of MCTs, which can help with the digestion of some of the nutrients in Keto Greens.

4. Keto Greens can be a great product to take anytime during a Keto Diet, especially during Keto-Adaptation.

5. You do not have to be on a Keto diet to benefit from using Keto Greens.

What is Micronutrient Greens Powder For?

Did you know that about 90% of Americans are dealing with micronutrient deficiency?

For every 100,000 people reading this, 90,000 of you aren’t getting the vitamins and minerals necessary to support your bodily functions.

And when you’re eating a high fat, low carb diet like keto, it’s easy to neglect your micronutrients because fruits and vegetables, which are filled with them, also tend to be high in carbohydrates.

Not to mention, to get enough of each micronutrient, you’d have to eat substantially more of each food than people did 80 years ago.

Some estimates say that most fruits and vegetables have about a quarter of the amount of nutrients today as they did when our grandparents were consuming them, mainly because of over-farming and our soil becoming depleted of its nutrients due to the use pesticides.

Micronutrient Greens Powder replaces your multivitamin and gives you a low carb, keto-friendly method of getting those incredibly important micronutrients in a bioavailable way.

Chances are, you’re reading this guide because you have just received a shipment of Perfect Keto Micronutrient Greens Powder and aren’t sure exactly how to use it. So here we go:

How to Use Micronutrient Greens Powder

The definition of a vitamin is any group of organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and nutrition. They’re required in small quantities (micronutrients, as opposed to your macronutrients which you’re covering with MCT oil and collagen), and you must consume them through your diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body.

Key points:

  1. a) They are essential – which means we have to have them.
  2. b) We can’t make them – which means we have to get them.

The best way to get your recommended daily serving of micronutrients is via whole foods and not a multivitamin. The truth is, when you take a multivitamin, you are getting many synthetic forms of nutrients and in amounts that do not represent whole foods.


Enter: Micronutrient Greens Powder. The powder is created by condensing whole foods into powdered form, maintaining as many vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients as possible.That process means that the full spectrum of natural, nutritional benefits remains in the final product, and is exactly why a greens powder can be so much more powerful than a multivitamin.

How Often Should You Take Micronutrient Greens Powder?

Your body needs micronutrients every single day to support everything it does for you, and like we learned above, 90% of Americans have a micronutrient deficiency.

Because of this, we highly recommend taking a scoop of Micronutrient Greens Powder every day.

When Should You Take Micronutrient Greens Powder?

There’s no bad time to take Micronutrient Greens Powder, because your body will absorb these micronutrients any time of the day, but here’s when you might enjoy them:

When You’re Working Out

Our greens powder is delicious in both the lemon or orange flavor, so many people add it to their pre- or post-workout for convenience and taste.

When You’re Travelling or Need a Health Boost

If you’re traveling a lot, getting sick, or feel like you’re exposed to more inflammation, Micronutrient Greens Powder can give you the boost of vitamins you need. In these cases, increase your consumption to two scoops per day.

In The Morning

We love this product over ice with water, or added to a smoothie for extra nutrients and flavor. Start the day right!

Micronutrient Greens Powder Recipes

Who Should Use Micronutrient Greens Powder?

Women vs. Men

Our Micronutrient Greens Powder doesn’t discriminate — everyone should use it daily.

Is Micronutrient Greens Vegetarian or Vegan Friendly?

We use no animal products in the ingredients or production of Micro Greens, so it’s vegetarian and vegan approved.

Is Micronutrient Greens Safe During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

Since eating your vegetables and fruits is not only safe during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, but of the utmost importance, Micronutrient Greens Powder is absolutely encouraged during both stages.

As with any supplements, be sure to consult with your doctor before taking this while pregnant.

How Does Micronutrient Greens Powder Affect Ketosis and Blood Sugars?

Each serving of Micronutrient Greens Powder has less than 1g of sugar, only 1 gram of carbs, and 1 gram of dietary fiber, so it won’t affect ketosis or your blood sugars.

In fact, because one serving contains the same amount of carbohydrates and fiber, there are no net carbs!

More Information About Micronutrient Greens Powder

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When and How to Use Perfect Keto Micronutrient Greens Powder

Keto Greens Powder

Nutrition from 26 different organic fruits and vegetables. Keto approved.

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