When considering any supplement, it’s smart to weigh the pros and cons to truly understand how it can support your needs. By now, you’ve probably heard all the buzz surrounding new exogenous ketone products on the market. If you’re following or interested in a ketogenic diet, you might be wondering: why supplement with exogenous ketones?

Time to go over the top reasons why you’d want to supplement with exogenous ketones and how they can benefit your health and goals.

Everyday Reasons to Supplement with Exogenous Ketones

If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly exogenous ketones are, see this article to get caught up. Then, read below for the main ways exogenous ketones can be used as part of your ketogenic lifestyle:

5 Reasons to Supplement With Exogenous Ketones

Getting Into Ketosis Faster

Eating a ketogenic diet is effective and has lots of benefits, but no one’s perfect. There are going to be times when you eat too many carbs and it’ll kick you out of ketosis. Besides testing your ketone levels to know when this happens for sure, taking exogenous ketones will help you get BACK into ketosis faster instead of having to wait the 2-3 days it typically takes.

Or, if you’re brand new to the ketogenic diet or starting it again after a period of being off, exogenous ketones can help you start reaping the benefits of ketosis sooner.

For Long-term Results

As we mentioned above, sometimes being fully ketogenic won’t be realistic. While there are many benefits, it’s also a restrictive diet and can be hard for some people to follow long-term. Exogenous ketones allow you to still experience the benefits of ketosis even if you can’t always eat within the macros of the diet perfectly 24/7.

For Weight Loss

While taking exogenous ketones themselves won’t directly induce weight loss, they do help in getting you into ketosis, where your body is using fatty acids for its main source of fuel. This, in turn, is important for someone using a ketogenic diet for weight loss.

Essentially, exogenous ketones help you get to the point of ketosis, or provide energy when you’re already in ketosis, which is the beginning point for healthy weight loss on a keto diet.

For Mental Clarity

Just like exogenous ketones can provide extra physical energy for the body when you need them, they can also help act as extra brain fuel. Our brains use ¼ of the energy for our whole body during the day, and ketones can provide up to 70% of the brain’s energy needs, which is more efficient than glucose.

Glucose can’t directly cross over the blood-brain barrier, which there to protect the brain from things that will disrupt its function. So when carbs are eaten (glucose), it can affect the energy that’s able to cross the blood-brain barrier, leading to dips in energy and mental fog. I think we can all relate to that energy slump after a meal full of carbs.

This is not the case with ketones, which are small enough to easily cross the blood-brain barrier and supply energy to the brain. That’s how exogenous ketones, especially on an empty stomach, can be helpful in providing mental energy while forgoing the brain fog.

Exogenous Ketones For the Athlete

The energy needs of those with higher physical demands, such as athletes, is greater than the average person. Here’s how exogenous ketones can help meet exercise requirements while still striving to benefit from ketosis:

Offsetting Carbs for Exercise

Someone who is an athlete or engages in intense enough exercise to need carbohydrates in their diet is not always going to be low-carb enough to stay in ketosis — so following a targeted ketogenic diet and taking exogenous ketones can help them not only get energy for a longer workout but also get back into ketosis faster afterwards.

There are different types of exercises, and the body uses fuel for each of them differently. For movements that require quick bursts of energy, like sprinting or maximum weight lifting, carbohydrates in the form of stored glycogen are used.

But when your body runs out of this limited stored glycogen, it can either make more or begin making fuel from fat. Taking exogenous ketones can help lower the amount of oxygen needed to utilize this energy. For aerobic exercise, exogenous ketones can act as an additional energy source for the athlete before they need to refuel or use their fat reserves to go further.

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones Vs Other Brands

Now that you understand the benefits of supplementing with Perfect Keto exogenous ketones, let’s take just a moment to highlight the benefits of Perfect Keto products over other exogenous ketone products like Pruvit Keto//OS and KetoCaNa.

Those new to taking exogenous ketones can experience a bit of sticker shock when purchasing them for the first time. It might be tempting to look for the biggest bargain above anything else. But this is not a good tactic.

Just because you can get more servings per day of a product for a lower price doesn’t mean it will work for you at the same capacity as a higher-priced product. You get what you pay for, and the beta-hydroxybutryate (BHB) in exogenous ketones is not cheap or low quality.

That’s also why Perfect Keto Base is such a great deal, though: we use nothing but the best quality salts, without any fillers and still strive to make the product affordable and accessible for all.

Now, you hopefully understand the importance of exogenous ketones as a supplement for getting into ketosis, getting more mental and physical energy, and supporting you on your ketogenic diet journey. You’ll see the benefits are worth it. Your health is worth it.

You've heard all the buzz surrounding them, but now you wonder: why supplement with exogenous ketones? Let's go over the top reasons to use them!

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