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“I Wanted To Take Back My Life”


For Trisha, keto was about more than just herself — it was also about her family. 

“I was inactive and struggling to keep up with my children,” she says. 

Trisha also struggled with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and was on daily medication. It had taken away her ability to exercise and was causing her to lose her hair, too. 

“I was tired of being tired every day and wanted to take back my life.”
After years of health challenges and gradual weight gain, Trisha got fed up. 

“One day I was tired of being tired every day and wanted to take back my life. I started keto January of 2019.”

Trisha had tried other diets with little to no success, but for her, things finally clicked with keto. 


Trisha’s Keto Success Story

Trisha committed to keto, and she had a fairly easy time with the physical part of the diet. 

“Keto allowed me to control what I ate,” she says. “I had tried other diets and they were never sustainable for me.”

At first, however, Trisha struggled mentally. 

“The main challenge was myself. I had to overcome the shame of being the one that put my body through the pain of being overweight.”

“Keto allowed me to control what I ate.”
But Trisha found strength in herself and persevered, and the results have been extraordinary. 

“With keto, I learned my PCOS can be controlled by eating the right foods and not being on a pill every day. I am a runner again, completed my first 5K in October, and was 5 minutes faster than my goal.”

Trisha has seen huge health gains on keto, both physically and mentally. The smile in her after photo says it all — she’s healthier and happier than she’s been in years. 

Throughout her keto journey, Trisha has used a few different Perfect Keto products. 

“I started off buying the Keto Bars and they satisfied my sweet cravings. [They’re] great when you need that something sweet, or after a long run I use a bar to satisfy my hunger.” 

Trisha, congratulations on your weight loss and health gains. Your transformation is inspiring, and we hope it convinces others to start their own keto journey. We wish you the best, and thank you for sharing your story with us!

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