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Lauren Ciccarelli

Lauren Ciccarelli is a freelance writer and editor with over 450 published articles. After earning her degree in English, she started writing about health and nutrition to help people optimize their mental and physical well-being through an evidence-based approach. Lauren has a particular interest in research about the ketogenic diet and PCOS.  

Books: Eleven

Top 11 Best Vegetables for Weight Loss

Add these 11 best vegetables for weight loss to your meal plan to feel fuller, snack less, and reach your goal weight sooner. See why now!

Is Coffee Keto? Facts, Recipes, and More

Why are some keto followers obsessed with keto coffee? Learn how to make it and discover the energy-boosting properties of this popular drink.

Keto Reboot: How to Get Back Into Ketosis

Did you cheat on your keto diet? It happens. Here's what to expect, plus handy tips for a keto reboot so you can reap the health benefits.

21 Science-Backed Benefits of Almonds

If you’re not eating a serving daily, this guide on the top health benefits of almonds may change your mind. From better health to weight loss, discover why almonds are so good for you.

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