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I Fit Into Clothes I Haven’t Worn Since I Was 12”


Mike has struggled with his weight his entire life, starting when he was a teenager. In the last few years, his health challenges began to catch up with him.  

“I was overweight and tired all the time,” he says. “Clothes didn’t fit and blood work showed I was prediabetic…I weighed 218 pounds.”

Mike had tried to lose weight, but he’d never seen success long-term. 

“I’ve never been comfortable in my own skin until now.”

“I’ve done other diets before, only calorie restriction was too hard and unbearable for long-term sustainability. Paleo felt more restrictive to me [than keto].”

After trying so many different diets that didn’t work, Mike was getting frustrated. Fortunately, everything clicked for him when he found keto. 

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Mike’s Keto Success Story

“I have learned so much after doing research on nutrition for my diet change,” Mike says. “I now have energy for my day, and I am able to fit into clothes sizes I haven’t worn since I was 12.”

Mike faced some challenges with keto at first — his family was still eating a lot of carbs — but he persevered.

“I now have energy for my day, and I’m able to fit into clothes sizes I haven’t worn since I was 12.”

“Adjusting to new foods and restricting a lot of what I was used to eating…It was challenging to adjust when the rest of my family was not adjusting their diets. I overcame these challenges by realizing that I love ribeye, and bacon, and most of the foods on keto, and it didn’t matter what my family was eating as long as I was doing keto and getting healthy.”

Now, after almost two years on keto, Mike is in the best shape of his life. He feels better than he has in a long time, his prediabetes is gone, and he finally feels like he’s found a sustainable way to eat. 

Throughout his keto transformation, Mike has relied on a couple different Perfect Keto products. 

“I’ve used a few of the Perfect Keto products and love using them. The MCT Oil and the Keto Bars are delicious staples.”

Mike, congratulations on all your health gains! Here’s to your continued success on keto; we hope you inspire others to start their own keto journey.

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Keto Success Stories are shared by our readers and customers in their own words. The keto diet and any nutrition advice found on this blog are not meant as a medical intervention, advice, or diagnosis. If you’re interested in trying a new diet, supplement, or lifestyle change, please speak with your doctor or another qualified healthcare provider. As with any diet or lifestyle protocol, individual results may vary. 

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