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Success stories

“I Lost More Than 100 Pounds”

In the last 14 months, Mayra has lost more than 100 lbs. on the keto diet. Here’s her keto success story and a look at the incredible keto weight loss she’s achieved.

“I Feel So Much Better About Myself”

At 20 years old, Derek was obese. Now, a year later, he’s lost nearly 100 lbs with keto and is no longer anxious or depressed. Here’s Derek’s keto success story.

“I Have My Life Back”

Last year, Matthew weighed 263 lbs. with a 44” waist. After switching to keto, he’s trimmer and happier than ever. Here’s Matthew’s keto success story.

“I Can Run With My Kids Now”

After two years on keto, Megan’s in the best shape of her life. It’s not just weight loss: she’s kicked her depression, too. Here’s Megan’s keto success story.

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