Ketosis is catching on like wildfire and everyone has their own keto journey filled with mistakes, triumphs and learning moments. Keto is simple, but not always easy. There can be a steep learning curve for certain aspects of the lifestyle. This is the ultimate keto FAQ and answers, for you to keep in your toolkit as a reference guide whenever something pops in your mind.

This is a living, breathing document that will be updated routinely. See something missing or incomplete? Comment us and we will revise.

How to Use the Ultimate Keto FAQ and Answers

Don’t read this article from top to bottom. This is a playbook. Whether your inquiry is big and broad (i.e. What is Ketosis?) or incredibly specific (Which nuts are best to eat?) you can find what you need here without haveing to slog through massive blog posts or discussion forums.
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Keto Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What is ketosis?
Ketosis is a metabolic state where your body uses a byproduct of fat breakdown (ketones) for energy instead of carbohydrate breakdown (or glucose). Perfect Keto Base provides those ketone bodies to put your body into a state of ketosis, whenever, wherever, and Perfect Keto MCT oil powder provides you with the precursor to those ketone bodies. Learn more here.

Q: I thought ketosis was really bad for you, right?
Nope! That would be ketoacidosis, not ketosis. These are two completely different metabolic states. If you don’t have uncontrolled diabetes, this won’t be a problem for you. Learn more here.
Q: What does perfect keto taste like?
A: Perfect Keto Base comes in two amazing flavors: chocolate sea salt and peaches & cream. Gone are the days of “jet fuel” tasting ketones. These two flavors are so delicious you will actually enjoy getting into ketosis.

Q: What are exogenous ketones?
A: See What are Exogenous Ketones: When and How to Supplement with Ketones.

Q: When and how should I supplement with ketones?
A: See What are Exogenous Ketones: When and How to Supplement with Ketones.

Q: How do I know if I’m in ketosis?
A: Test your ketone levels with pee strips, breath tests, or blood testing. 0.5 mmol to 1.5 mmol is considered “mild ketosis.”

Q: What if I’ve gotten GI distress with ketones or other ketone products before?
A: No worries here. We use the highest quality beta-hydroxybutyrate, blended to minimize any GI problems. If you do experience any problems, just start with a half scoop and increase from there. See our full post on Why Ketones and Ketosis can Cause Stomach Pain.

Q: How do you use Perfect Keto Base?
A: Perfect Keo Base is was created to be convenient and effortless for many uses. See our Base One Pager. Here are some different ways to use it:

For fat loss: Use a scoop in between meals or in the morning to put your body into an effortless fat burning mode.
To perform: Use a scoop before or during workouts to decrease need for oxygen and increase energy.

For focus: Use a scoop on an empty stomach to have an increased mental output and sharper focus.
For ketosis: Use a scoop after a meal you’ve consumed that has carbs to get back into the state of ketosis.

Q: Why Perfect Keto Base?
A: We believe ketosis should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, and at anytime. Containing high-quality beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), it’s effective at raising blood ketone levels (up to 1.5 mmol) and getting you into ketosis no matter where you are. It’s affordable and straightforward, with no MLM necessary to use or purchase.
Plus, it comes in two delicious flavors: Chocolate Sea Salt and Peach & Cream.

Q: If you are taking PK when and why would you take MCT Powder?
So when eating low-carb or keto fat is energy. So the reason you would take ketones and/or MCT’s are both for the same reason: energy.

MCT’s are fats that breakdown into ketones. So in the same way BCAA’s are broken down proteins, ketones are broken down fats.

Think of it as,
ketones = instant energy
MCT’s = fast energy
Other fats = moderate speed energy

So if you’re wondering “how do I use this?” The answer is, it depends on you. Use it however you want energy during your day 🙂

Q: Why MCT Powder over oil?
Just like with ketosis, we believe healthy fats should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, and at any time too. Our MCT powder has many benefits over the standard MCT oil:

  • Easier on the digestive system than oil
  • More effective at raising blood ketone levels (up to 1.0 mmol)
  • Easier to mix into any recipe or beverage than oil
  • Flavorless, odorless, no oily residues
  • Powder travels much better than oils

Q: How do you use MCT oil powder?
A: Getting the benefits of healthy fats and ketosis should be convenient and effortless. Because the powder is so convenient, you can add 1/2 to up to 3 scoops to your favorite beverage or foods. See our MCT One Pager.
Here’s how to use MCT powder for different functions:

For fat loss: Use a scoop in between meals or in the morning to put your body into an effortless fat burning mode.
To perform: Use a scoop before or during workouts to decrease need for oxygen and increase energy.

For focus: Use a scoop on an empty stomach to have an increased mental output and sharper focus.
For ketosis: Use a scoop with or after a meal you’ve consumed that has carbs to get back into the state of ketosis.

Q: What are MCT’s?
A: MCT is short for medium chain triglycerides. MCTs are a type of fat that can be readily used for energy by your body and do not have to be broken down before use. They are precursors to ketones and help your body burn fat instead of burning carbs.

Q: What if I have gotten GI distress with MCT oil?
A: No worries here. We use the highest quality MCT powder blended to minimize any GI problems. If you do experience any problems, just start with a half scoop and increase from there. This is tolerated much better than oils.

Q: What are the other ingredients in MCT oil powder?
A: None! Just 100% pure MCT oil powder.

Q: What does MCT oil powder taste like?
A: Perfect Keto MCT oil powder is completely flavorless and odorless, meaning you can easily enjoy it in whatever beverage or food product you’d like.

Q: Does the Perfect Keto contain allergens?
All are keto-approved (of course), gluten free, dairy free, doctor-approved, and lab-tested.

Q: Can I eat a ketogenic diet if I’m a vegetarian or vegan?
A: See our post on the Ketogenic Diet for Vegetarians.

Q: Why are exogenous ketones expensive?
A: See our post Why Exogenous Ketones are Expensive and How They Save You Money.

Q: Why do exogenous ketones taste bad?
A: See Why Exogenous Ketones Taste Bad.

Q: Are nuts okay to eat on a keto diet?
A: Yes! But there are pros and cons to know about. Read our post on the Pros and Cons of a Ketogenic Diet here.

Q: Can I drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet?
A: You can, but know that it will slow fat loss and weight loss. And the type of drink matters too. See our Keto Diet Alcohol Rules guide for the specifics.

Q: What are good keto foods to eat?
A: We’ve got you covered here. See our Full Keto Diet Food List as well as our Keto Recipes.

Q: What foods should I avoid on keto?
A: See this list: Foods to Avoid on a Ketogenic Diet.

Q: Can I have cheat meals while eating keto?
A: See our post on whether you should have Cheat Meals on Keto.

Q: What is acetone?
A: Acetone is a type of ketone your body produces. See What is Acetone?

Q: I have been having a laxative effect, I am not sure if it’s from the PK or something else.
Totally relate to the laxative effect. That’s suuuper common. Just be patient and hydrate, it passes. The thing is it takes water to store glucose… so when we dont have glucose we release all that water and get dehydrated. I just wrote an article on it lol – Why Ketones Cause Stomach Pain

Q: Should I take raspberry ketones?
A: No, they’re pointless for ketosis. See Why Raspberry Ketones Don’t Have Anything to Do With Ketosis for the details.

Q: How much protein should I be eating on a ketogenic diet?
Great, important question! See Gluconeogenesis: What It Is and Why You Shouldn’t Fear It On Keto

Q: Should I take MCT oil supplements?
A: See our post about MCT Oil Supplements on Keto.

Q: Are there different ways to take ketones as supplements?
A: Yes, but they aren’t created equally. See our post The Different Types of Ketone Supplements.

Q: Can I still exercise the same when I’m in ketosis?
A: Exercise is totally possible on the ketogenic diet. Read How to Exercise When You’re in Ketosis.

Q: What type of fats should I eat on a ketogenic diet?
A: See our Good Fats vs Bad Fats guide

Q: How is the keto diet different from the paleo diet? And which is better?
A: See our post on Keto Diet Vs Paleo.

Q: How many carbs should I be eating on a keto diet?
A: See macro ratios and recommendation on carbs here: How Many Carbs Should You Eat on a Ketogenic Diet?

Q: What are net carbs?
A: See our What are Net Carbs? post.

Q: What’s the difference between impact and non-impact carbs?
A: See this post: The Different Between Effective and Non-Impact Carbs.

Q: Why am I still not in ketosis?
A: See Dr. Anthony’s post on How I Fixed the Biggest Ketosis Mistakes.

Q: How can I make sure I maintain ketosis?
A: See our guide on How to Maintain Ketosis.

Q: What’s the difference between the ketogenic diet and the Atkins Diet? And which is better?
A: See Keto Diet vs Atkins.

Q: Should I fast to get into ketosis?
A: Read Dr. Anthony’s fasting four-day fasting experience here.

Q: Can anyone drink Perfect Keto? Or Only on a keto diet?
A: Great question! So exogenous ketones help you get into a state of using fat for energy. You don’t need to be following a strict ketogenic diet to get this benefit. Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is a source of instant energy for anyone who is eating a low carbohydrate diet and may be feeling low energy or performance at work, the gym, or anywhere throughout their day. To sum it up – use exogenous ketones for energy, focus, or ketosis. If you are eating a high carb (but good carb) diet, ketones would not really make sense.
The MCT oil powder makes sense for truly anyone who wants a reliable source of healthy fats. They are readily used by your brain, muscles, and other tissues for a clean burning energy.

Q: What are the ingredients of Perfect Keto Base?
A: Perfect Keto Base is 11.38g of high-quality beta-hydroxybutyrate with calcium and magnesium salt splits that are easy on your GI system. Cocoa powder and stevia leaf for flavor, and that’s it! Nothing fake or inflammatory.
Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder does not have other ingredients and is flavorless.

Q: What’s most effective use of this product in order to achieve a constant state of ketosis?
A: Most people use Perfect Keto a) to initially trigger the body into ketosis and avoid symptoms of the “keto flu” b) for energy and to raise ketone levels at anytime of day (but especially while at work or exercising) and c) to get back into ketosis after eating cheat meals. The most effective way to use it is to test your ketone levels, try dosing with exogenous ketones, and tracking your results.

Q: What’s the purpose of this if I’m already on a keto diet and in ketosis..is it to get me back into ketosis in case I cheat? Why won’t the body just continue to utilize all the glycogen stores instead?
A: Great question. So if you are already in nutritional ketosis from your diet, exogenous ketones would still help raise ketone (energy) levels when you want that (maybe for focus at work or energy at the gym. They also help get you back into ketosis after cheat meals and skip the “keto flu” which is the period when your body is using up the glycogen you mentioned.


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  1. How often should I take Perfect Keto? Can I take it every day? Can I take too much, if I take it every day?

  2. Thank you for some other wonderful post. Where else may anybody get that
    type of info in such an ideal way of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the look for such information.

  3. This is, I think, the BEST site on keto eating that I have encountered, so THANK YOU! Question that I don’t recall seeing the answer to. How often should one test for ketones? Daily, weekly? I’ve been using strips and have been testing morning or evening most days. I’m close to my weight loss goal and want to continue eating this way but wondering what best testing strategy is most recommended.

  4. I purchased chocolate flavored Perfect Keto Base Exogenous Ketone Supplement – Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Salts and am wondering if it acts as a cleanse also…

  5. This is a topic which is close to my heart… Many thanks!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

  6. Hi Victoria, since every woman’s body undergoes major changes during the period of pregnancy, we highly recommend consulting with your doctor first to see if taking our products or any other supplements would be okay for you. You can also read our blog – Ketosis During Pregnancy

  7. You absolutely can! Some people add chocolate ketones in their coffee and then add MCT to make it creamy 🙂

  8. IF your not in ketosis and your body is using carbs as a fuel source, than would taking MCT oil be a waste seeing that the carbs are being utilized for fuel not the MCT?

  9. Hey Mike, this is a misconception among a lot of people. MCT oil is just another fuel (like any other fat) for your body. Just because you are not in ketosis, doesn’t mean you can’t utilize it for energy. Plus, the cool thing about MCT is that it is metabolized very quickly so it can be used as an immediate source of energy compared to other things that take longer to digest.

  10. I would like to know how long a table spoon of perfect keto can boost your energy level? And for how long with the same amount of MCT-oil or powder?

  11. Was wondering what concentration of mcts is in the powder? And how does 1 table spoon of it compare to 1 table spoon of mct oil? I don’t have any issue with mct oil, but I’m keen to try perfect keto mct powder if it has a higher mct (g)/$ ratio. Always add a table spoon of mct oil into my morning coffee just for a kickstart to the day.

  12. Hey Aidan, our MCT powder contains at least 70% MCTs (C8 and C10) with the other 30% coming from a healthy fiber source called acacia fiber.

  13. Hey Vince, not necessarily. Depends what your definition of a fast is and what your goals are for the fast.

  14. If I understand it right,which I probably don’t, you recommend taking keto supplements if you are out of ketosis to kick you back in. For example, if you took a carbo boost for sports or any other reason. I thought the body had to be starved of carbohydrates to kick start ketosis. So, how can ketone supplements be beneficial if your body is still burning carbohydrates? Once the carbs are all used up, will not the body revert to a keto state, and only at that point can supplements be used by the body for energy? confused.

  15. Has anyone got the answer to… can you mix the collagen, base, and MCT into one beverage? Or is that not recommended?

  16. Hi Christina, you can mix them together, just be careful about how much the amount you put as too much of the powders may cause an upset stomach.

  17. Hi Maggie, yes you can mix both powders. Just be careful of how much you put as too many powders may cause an upset stomach.

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