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30 Best Keto Snacks: Ideas and Recipes


Snacking can be tricky when you’re on the keto diet. However, with some guidance, you’ll be able to find a variety of keto snacks that meet your taste preferences and more importantly, keep you satisfied and healthy.


So you can save them for later!

In this guide, we’ve rounded up keto-friendly snacks and recipes to fill you up until your next mealtime.

What Makes a Good Keto Snack?

First and foremost, good keto snacks are those that have very few carbs or none at all per serving. Keeping carbs as low as possible (less than 50 grams) per day helps you remain in ketosis (*). The amount of fat and protein may vary in a keto snack, although note that ideally, it needs to be high-fat and moderate-protein.

Keto-friendly snacks can also be natural or processed. Those natural and minimally processed ones, such as eggs, roasted nuts, and beef jerky (made with only beef and spices) are better for your health. These types of snacks fall under the clean keto diet.

Keto Snacks to Buy

These snacks are so delicious, you won’t even crave the snacks you used to eat before going keto. We’ve selected these options for you as alternatives to typical high-carb snacks.

keto snacks

1. Perfect Keto Mallow Munch Bars

Missing crispy rice treats? Mallow Munch Bars are crunchy, crispy, and sweet, and the best part is that they contain only 2 grams of net carbs per serving. Unlike regular rice krispies, our keto-friendly version is free from added sugar and artificial ingredients.

keto snacks

2. Perfect Keto Granola Bars

If you’re a fan of granola bars, Perfect Keto has created these grain-free bars that will serve as healthy and guilt-free snacks to help you power through busy days and challenging workouts. One keto granola bar has only 1-3 grams of net carbs, 3-6 grams of protein, and 11-14 grams of fat.

keto snacks

3. Perfect Keto Nut Butter

These keto nut butters are made with high-quality nuts, such as hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews. Choose between Chocolate Hazelnut and Snickerdoodle flavors. They’ll keep you full, thanks to the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) added to each nut butter jar.

keto snacks

4. Perfect Keto Cereal

Perfect Keto cereal options don’t just replace your sugary breakfast cereal, but they also make the best keto snacks. With only 1-2 grams of net carbs per serving, these cereals are a delicious way to get collagen and MCTs in your diet.

keto snacks

5. SuperFat Keto Cookie Bites

Got no time to bake keto cookies? SuperFat keto cookies are excellent snacks that offer convenience for busy people. Enjoy them with your morning coffee or use them to curb your sweet cravings when they strike. Each serving (about 4 cookies) has only 2 grams of net carbs.

Keto Salty Snacks

Salty snacks can help provide sodium, an important electrolyte to beat the keto flu. These keto snack ideas will meet your sodium needs and salt cravings.

keto snacks

6. Sardines

Canned sardines contain zero carbohydrates. They’re perfect for those on a keto carnivore diet and a pescatarian keto diet. You can eat sardines straight out of the can. If you’re feeling creative, mash them with lemon juice and parsley, then serve them with keto crackers!

keto snacks

7. Chicharrones

Chicharrones or fried pork rinds are also completely carb-free. They’re also high in protein, which makes them great for meeting your protein needs on a high-protein keto diet (*). Besides snacking on chicharrones, use pork rind crumbs to replace flour for breaded and fried keto recipes.

keto snacks

8. Macadamia nuts with sea salt

For keto dieters, macadamia nuts are high in monounsaturated fats, which help lower your cardiovascular disease risk (*). Treat yourself to a delicious macadamia nut snack by baking these nuts until they’re golden brown and seasoning them generously with sea salt.

keto snacks

9. Bacon

Bacon tends to get a bad rap, but the truth is that bacon is healthy. The key is to choose sugar-free and uncured bacon (free from synthetically sourced nitrates and nitrites) like Pederson’s Natural Farms. Cook bacon in a frying pan over medium heat for a crispy weekend snack!

keto snacks

10. Beef jerky

Beef jerky as a keto snack offers many benefits. It’s an excellent source of protein, sodium, iron, and folate, which serve different functions in the body. Avoid beef jerky with added sugar. You can make your own beef jerky snack at home by seasoning a lean cut of beef and placing the cuts in a meat dehydrator.

Keto Sweet Snacks

Eating keto doesn’t mean forgoing sweet treats. The good news is that you have lots of low-carb snacks that are sweetened using stevia, monk fruit, or erythritol.

keto snacks

11. Fat bombs

Fat bombs are no-bake snacks shaped like balls that combine high-fat ingredients, such as butter, nut butter, cream cheese, cacao powder, and MCT oil. You’ll need only a few fat bombs to make you feel fuller and give you a boost of energy.

keto snacks

12. Strawberries with whipped cream

Strawberries are lower in carbohydrates than other fruits. Combine them with heavy whipping cream for a satisfying snack or dessert. Add monk fruit sweetener if you want it a little sweeter.

keto snacks

13. Dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids)

Chocolate isn’t completely off-limits on keto, but it must have at least 70% cocoa. The higher the cocoa percentage, the fewer the carbs and sugar in it. Lily’s Extra Dark Chocolate with 70% cocoa and no added sugar has only 2 grams of net carbs per serving.

keto snacks

14. Homemade ice cream

Who says you can’t have ice cream on keto? You’ll need only four ingredients — heavy cream, monk fruit sweetener, xanthan gum, and vanilla extract. For flavor variations, feel free to add cocoa powder (chocolate flavor), sliced strawberries (strawberry flavor), or peanut butter (peanut butter flavor).

keto snacks

15. Sugar-free gummy bears

As long as they’re low-carb and sugar-free, gummy bears can be keto-friendly. All you will need are the following: sugar-free jello mix, unflavored gelatin to thicken the gummy bears, hot water, and candy molds.

Keto Crunchy Snacks

What can you eat on keto when you’re craving chips? Here are some options to buy or even make at home. They’re great for munching during movie nights and road trips.

keto snacks

16. Baked cheese crisps

The best cheese crisps are made with only one ingredient — cheese! Choose from hard or semi-hard cheeses, such as parmesan, cheddar, or pepper jack cheese. This snack is an excellent source of calcium for bone, muscle, and nerve health (*).

keto snacks


So you can save them for later!

17. Roasted almonds

Roasted almonds have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. They’ve also been thought to lower your risk of heart disease (*). When choosing roasted almonds, avoid those that use vegetable oils — e.g., canola oil, safflower oil, and sunflower oil. Better yet, use coconut oil if you make them at home.

keto snacks

18. Air fryer pepperoni chips

Pepperoni is a keto-friendly deli meat that’s a combination of ground beef, ground pork, and spices. A 28-gram serving has zero carbs, 5g protein, and 13g fat (*). By placing some slices in an air fryer, you get a flavorful and crunchy keto snack. We would recommend using thicker slices to prevent them from burning in the air fryer.

keto snacks

19. Pumpkin seeds

Yes, pumpkin seeds are also great on keto! Also called pepitas, pumpkin seeds are typically enjoyed as a snack, but you can also add them to salads, soups, and smoothies for extra crunch and nutrition. Try NOW Foods organic and unsalted pumpkin seeds with no added oils. One serving has only 2 grams of net carbs.

keto snacks

20. Dried seaweed

This classic Korean snack is relatively low in carbohydrates, making it one of the top keto snacks. A pack of Gimme’s roasted seaweed with extra virgin olive oil contains less than 1 gram of net carbs and only 30 calories. Snack on seaweed or add it to various recipes.

Keto Protein Snacks

Protein plays a crucial role in the keto diet. Getting the right amount of protein each day with the right meals and snacks will reduce your cravings, improve weight loss, and build lean muscle.

Note that animal-based foods are complete sources of protein since they provide all essential amino acids (*).

keto snacks

21. Boiled eggs

A large boiled egg has less than 1g carbs, 5g fat, and 6g protein (*). Eggs are great and they’re not just for breakfast! Eat the whole egg to benefit from all the vitamins and minerals it provides, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, potassium, iron, and phosphorus.

keto snacks

22. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a fantastic choice with a creamy and milky flavor. If you do some research, you’ll find plenty of keto snack recipes using cottage cheese. For a protein boost, blend cottage cheese, frozen berries, and milk to create a smoothie.

keto snacks

23. Coffee with collagen peptides

Some people like drinking coffee instead of having something to eat during snack time. Instead of plain coffee, try mixing collagen in coffee — it’s a healthy combination that gives you a boost in energy and all the benefits that collagen peptides provide.

Perfect Keto Barista Blend is a coffee creamer that delivers 4 grams of bovine collagen + MCTs. It’s a gluten-free and dairy-free option for coffee lovers.

keto snacks

24. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a favorite among keto dieters. Be sure to choose Greek yogurt that’s plain and unflavored. Go for the full-fat version and not the low-fat or reduced-fat ones since they contain more sugar. Chobani Whole Milk Plain Greek Yogurt has 7g total carbs, 16g protein, and 9g fat.

keto snacks

25. Protein smoothie

A protein smoothie makes a healthy snack in between meals or before a workout. Protein-rich smoothie ingredients include collagen protein powder, Greek yogurt, and nut butter!

Keto Snack Recipes

For those who prefer homemade food — because they have more control over the ingredients used — check out these snack recipes from Perfect Keto:

keto snacks

26. Easy Keto Chicken Salad

If you don’t have enough time to bake chicken breast, you can still make this keto chicken salad using canned chicken breast chunks. This will reduce the total prep time to only 10-15 minutes!

keto snacks

27. 4 Ingredient Low-Carb Cloud Bread Recipe

This cloud bread is made by combining these ingredients: eggs, cream cheese, cream of tartar, and salt. Add whey protein or collagen powder if you like, but you’ll still have the best keto bread alternative without them.

keto snacks

28. Chocolate Chip Keto Coconut Flour Cookies

Coconut flour is a popular flour on keto that has many uses. If you love cookies, this chocolate chip cookie recipe will surely impress you. One serving has 4g net carbs, 26g protein, and 36g fat.

keto snacks

29. Ultra-Moist Vanilla Keto Pound Cake

Need a snack idea that uses almond flour and coconut flour? Make this keto pound cake that goes well with toppings like strawberries + whipped cream, pecans + Greek yogurt, and melted dark chocolate.

keto snacks

30. Crunchy Chia Seed Crackers

Chia seeds are packed with fiber and essential minerals. Try this crunchy chia seed crackers recipe by combining chia seeds, almond flour, egg, salt, and pepper. These are wonderful with cheese and low-carb dips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are commonly asked questions and answers to learn more about snacking on keto:

Can I snack all day on keto?

Yes, you can, but keep in mind that snacking too much can prevent you from entering ketosis by consuming more carbs than you need. It helps to stick with zero-carb snacks most of the time.

What snack food has no carbs?

Most animal-based foods are carb-free. Your snack options include eggs, pork rinds, beef jerky, uncured bacon, pepperoni slices, and canned tuna.

What are some keto snack ideas on the go?

Popular grab-and-go keto snacks include macadamia nuts, pecans, string cheese, meat sticks, roasted seaweed, and sunflower seeds. These can be eaten conveniently whenever you need a quick and nutritious snack.

What are some easy keto snacks for beginners?

Anything that requires zero or little preparation makes keto snacking easy. Examples are nuts, seeds, slices of cheese, and Perfect Keto snacks (e.g., Nola bars and Mallow Munch bars).

What kind of bread is keto-friendly?

Cloud bread is one of the best keto options that replace traditional bread. Others include bread that uses keto-friendly flour like almond flour, coconut flour, flaxseed meal, chia flour, and lupin flour.

Your Complete Keto Snack List

Sometimes you just want a little snack to fight off hunger and cravings. With our list of keto-friendly snacks, you won’t run out of options anymore.

As a final note, check the macros per serving of packaged keto snacks — especially carbohydrates — to stay within your daily limit.


So you can save them for later!

keto snacks
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  1. Many high fat is also protein. How do I know what those fats are that are low or zero protein.
    Seems impossible to get that balance of 70-80 % fat vs 20-25% protein?

    1. Hi Evelyn, it will take some time to get the hang of it. Egg yolks, fattier cuts of meat, mct powder, coconut oil, butter, fatty cheese, these are all examples of higher fat sources.

  2. I used the calculator to get my macro goals. Is my carb goal referring to net carbs or just carbs? It can make a difference when I am tracking.

    1. Debbie, some people track total and some track net. I personally track total because it takes out any guess work and I’ve seen superior results with my clients, especially when first starting off.

  3. I’m starting the Keto diet tomorrow, and I am making my list to go to Walmart. I don’t really know where to start such as snack foods. With me being a full time student and working full time, it seems hard to plan out my meals and snacks like what I need to snack on and eat. I definitely need advice and tips on how to help stay on track and get started, any help is greatly appreciated!

    PS- I love sweet tea. Like live off of it. I wake up and crave it, SO if I don’t drink nearly AS much as I do now, is that okay or do I need to cut it out altogether?

    1. You will need to cut out ALL sugar. Sugar substitutes are also a no-no. It will be a few tough days to adjust from all the sugar you have been consuming, you will not feel good at all! Look up keto flu, you will most likely suffer from this about a week into the diet. As for snacks, I have stuck to a few almonds, pepperoni sticks, cheese sticks ( cheese can kick you out of ketosis so be careful) pickles, and broth, cucumber slices. If you are in ketosis your appetite will diminish and your need for snacking will lessen. I also do intermittent fasting, no food after 8PM or before 12:00PM the next day, 16 hours without food, I will have bulletproof coffee in the morning, tea with milk and broth between these hours.

    2. You can make sweet tea with a keto-friendly sweetener like Swerve or Pyure. But don’t have the regular kind.

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    To Sunworshiper: states this about meats:

    “Watch out for processed meats because they can contain extra ingredients with added sugars and carbohydrates.

    Quality over quantity here. Since you want to keep your fat content high and protein moderate, make sure the proteins you do choose are mostly high-quality, healthy, and nutrient dense. Best choices would be grass-fed and pastured-raised versions of beef, organ meats, bison, and lamb, as well as fatty wild fish.

    Pork and chicken are less easy to find properly raised for a good price, so you might end up limiting these more.”

  13. I saw where you said cheese can kick you out of ketosis, so is that particular type or amount, so how much can I eat. I am not losing maybe that is the reason, the wrong kind or too much. How much should I limit it to? I eat some days about 2 cheese stick and 1/4 cup on eggs and meat, that is probably the most per day.

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