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Tiffany Joy Yamut, RN

Tiffany Joy Yamut is a registered nurse and health and nutrition writer. She believes in eating low-carb, prioritizing protein, exercise, and fasting for optimal health, and has lost 44 lbs doing keto since 2019. When not writing for Perfect Keto, she creates guides and ketogenic recipes for her blog Ketogenic Buddies which she runs with her husband. You can reach Tiffany at [email protected]

Education: Bachelor's Degree, Nursing at Xavier University

Intermittent Fasting Foods to Eat and Limit

Not sure which fasting foods to eat during your feeding window? This guide provides a list of foods that are good for you, including meats, seafood, and fresh produce.

What is Vegan Collagen?

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about vegan collagen. Learn what it actually is, its benefits, effectiveness, risks, and more.

What Breaks a Fast? Foods, Beverages, and Supplements

Do you know what breaks a fast? If you’re planning to do intermittent fasting, here’s a list of beverages that are fast-friendly and foods to eat once you’re ready to break the fast.

Keto and Menopause: Is Keto Good for Your Hormones?

Menopause causes a lot of uncomfortable symptoms in women due to hormonal changes. If you’re looking for a diet that helps you through this change of life, here’s more about keto and menopause.

Do Collagen Supplements Work?

This article answers the question, “Do collagen supplements work?” Here’s what research says, the types of collagen you should know, recommended dosages, and more.

Can You Drink Coffee While Fasting?

Can you drink coffee while fasting? This is a common question among those who are interested in fasting for health. Read this article to know the answer.

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